Friday , October 7 2022

Aviva Norland – found dead person instead of fire


There is a house for workers in the burned building, and a man is not responsible for Lithuania at the age of 30. The deceased is known, but the police assume that he is a missing man.

– Porters are notified, the West Loughton Lords Office said on Tuesday morning.

Police in Nordland reported fire on Sunday at 20:00. It was no longer in the fish farm located in Sund in Flakstad. The fire department was able to control the fire at 22 o'clock, but it became clear that the building could not be saved and the fire department was allowed to burn the building.

Police investigation suggests that a fire started in part of the building where the missing man's apartment was located. They had five foreign workers living in the burnt building. Four others became impaired by fire.

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