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Axel Hayne is getting married


Become Husband: Last year

Become Husband: Axel Haney from the premiere of "The Vibration" last year Photo: Frode Hansen

In a press release from the Hughesund Film Festival, it seems the actor will not be participating in the unveiling of today's "Walk the Fame". Reason: He is "kidnapped" in his own squad.

In a video sent to the organizers of the Henny Film Festival, he regrets that he was unable to attend the unveiling.

– As you can see, I'm traveling. Thank you so much for finding me a stone on the street in the city of Norway, I am so thankful for it, says Axel Henney in the video, among other things.

The director of the festival, Tonge Harders, told the press that he thought it was sad that Aksel Hay couldn't come to Hughesund to receive the honor.

– Of course, it is a condition that the recipient of this honor is present during the unveiling, so Aksel was put in a proper pinch this morning. We still hope he gets a fantastic stag team and we are clearly excited for the love, ”said Tonge Hardson, festival director in a press release.

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The press release also said there were several friends who "kidnapped" Henny on Saturday morning.

The unveiling took place at 2pm with Ann Merritt Jacobsen present.

Have an offspring with Henny and his partner Caroline Hagbom. He has a teenage daughter, Heda, from a previous relationship.

after that Since finishing in 2013 between Axel Henney and Tone Damli, Henny has kept a low private profile. Henny and Damali have been together since 2009 and Axel Henney got engaged in the summer of 2012 after leaving Paris with a self-designed ring. The wedding was to take place in Sicily in Sic Gist.

Before Christmas in 2015, Haney also decided to cut Facebook. He reasoned at this point as:

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– After a nine-year-long push that thinks Dad is so cool when not on the phone, and after a good lunch with Gunner Greve with good communication, I finally make the decision. The first part of my "debugging journey" will begin tomorrow. Then I delete my Facebook account, he writes.

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