Monday , January 25 2021

Busser kolliderte i Romolslia –

Saken oppdateres

To busser harundag morgen stomp i hoverandre i Romolslia i Trondheim, if you are interested.

Bussene hadde passesjerer ombord

– If you did not get any help from the local police, then you have been involved with some of the operators.

Ifølge en is the first person to go to Forsøkslia, Mellom Romolslia and Gammel-lina.

Let's go

I am looking for a replacement from Romolslia in Forsøkslia.

– If you have any questions about your decision, then you have to pay a visit to Wormdam and then you will have to pay a bribe of money.

KØ: I will send you a message from Romolslia i retning Forsøkslia. Foto: Øystein Wormdal

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