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By this, Prince Charles, Meghan and George smile a little more on the picture

On November 14, Prince Charles took 70 years, and the whole of Britain celebrated the next king. In Buckingham Palace the King Herald and Queen Sonja, along with the reception and party dinner, were published on this day. The mother of the party was set up by the mother of granddaughter Elizabeth (92).

With the anniversary of the prince, new images of the British Royal Family were also published.

Especially one photo has been given much attention in the media. This picture shows a laughing royal family, which shows a strong contradiction with the traditional portraits of the Royals, which are often serious.

Now there is new information about the much discussed image.

Restored: British Movieat has restored and digitized wedding between Charles and Diana in high quality. Video: AP / NTB ScanPix
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Mostly smile

So laugh as much as Duches Meghnn (37) and Little George (5).

BThe camera has been the girlfriend of the royal family for many years and supports, writes to us. Nanny Maria Borollo and should make a cheerful face for the least laugh, the newspaper writes.

Smith to Camera: Prince Charles's 70th Birthday Photography Enjoys the Royal Family Enjoy! Photo: NTB ScanPix
Smile for camera: There is no doubt that Prince Charles would enjoy shooting during the 70th anniversary of the royal family. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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After deciding on the photo, she smiles all over. But Duques Camila (71) looks excited. She points to the photographer and holds his granddaughter, Princess Charlotte (3).

The queen did not participate

There is no doubt that the royal family enjoyed each other's company, but on the other hand, a new image was not that Queen Elizabeth – and that was the reason.

Jubilee's father, Prince Philip (97) also does not participate in photography.

Total Gender: The British royal family gathered for photography in connection with the Kate and Williams baptism, whose last birth, was a little prince Louis. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Total gender: The British royal family gathered for photography in connection with the Baptism of Prince and Williams, born to the last-born of Prince William. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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According to Danish Sage and Hor, this shows a connection to grandchildren. The magazine believes that it may be a clear symbol that she wants to showcase a modern and young royal house.

Norwegian Seh and Hor, Kongersuxsper in Anders Johan Stewsgang, agrees with this speculation.

"In the recent past, Queen Elizabeth has done more to her son Prince Charles. The 92-year-old Queen is still the head of state, but at its height it is clear that she needs some reduced program, she says.

Megha received criticism

It is not the first time to pay more attention to the royal portrait. This year April 23, Prince Louis, William and Kate had a third child worldwide. In this regard, the British Royal House published a number of public photographs of the Royal.

On the other hand, it did not fall into good soil, and some ducks went to the meghna, which has also been described. She stood in Olive Green dress and mostly smiles on the camera.

Stable Critical: This is the picture where Meghan Merkel (37) criticized for holding man's hand. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Fixed Critia This is the picture where Meghan Merkel (37) criticized the man's finger. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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In the picture, you can clearly see that Dances hardens her husband Harry. It responds to numerous royal fans, and Instagram praised it with negative comments about the former suits star.

One comment said, "I can trust that they let the cloud break the picture."

"Why is Meghna so reckless? She keeps the man on all the paintings." Run, Harry, "Others commented.

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