Wednesday , July 28 2021

Chaos against Copa Libertadores – believe that they have been forced to complete superfinals: now it is open

Against evening superfinals between Boca Juniors and River Plate, perhaps the world's biggest hatred, the Boca Juniors player bus raided the contest. The glass was broken and tear gas spread, which made the players sick. Some were cut off from a broken glass, and captain Pablo Perez should have a glass in his eye.

The fact is that both players and managers have informed that Boca Juniors did not want to complete the match, it was said that it will still be implemented.

Tavez is striking. He should have said this in Argentine news channels, reproduced by The Guardian of English.

"We are not able to play matches, but they force us. Pablo's eye is stomach.

Tavez was taken to the closet shortly after the incident. The player must have responded to pepper spray that was in circulation and he became ill. The team also had five members.

Fernando Gago was one of them. He also commented on the situation.

"We are very surprised that many players were injured and we struggled to breathe. Fernando Gago said," It is not the best recharge for the war. "

Control was to take place

The bus driver has talked about the dramatic event. In a moment he was unconscious.

"I was unaware when we were attacked. Vice President had to take control of the cycle, he says.


River Plate writes on Twitter that the match stops at 5 o'clock on Sunday, ie Norwegian time at 9 o'clock. It is also rumored that the match will be played just before the meetings, but it is not confirmed. The river plate, on the other hand, writes that all the spectators must keep a ticket so they can enter the match tomorrow..

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