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Concerns about home success in the best match


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A lasting Monday program is available from the EraserFordball Åråsen. Lysestrøm became the most important battle in Basemholm / Glimtor in a major battle. Huddersfield and Fühlem play an important role in the Premier League. Espanyol, who won the La Liga title against Athletic Billuo, came second in Spain. Four matches in Sweden are in Wolverine and two matches are supercar. David Herschel and Herschelle Herschelle were in the final at the Super League Championships on Monday. Real match between Hamburger SV and FC Kolle in the second Bundesliga. There are five games in the NHL yesterday.

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Hamburger – Fc Call H 2.50 (stop playing at 20.25)

1. Climbing clubs will also have to face the great players in big clubs, but Hamburger SVO FC. Colonnio is not related to this. Cologne Jonas Hector and Kirri, Cologne, refused to accept offers from Europe's biggest clubs. The club decided to change it for a short time to bring back Coulond to its first bundleliga.

FC Colon showed that they would return to the first bend in the first attempt. In second place with 21 points. One point higher than the leader of the series, Saint Paul, and Mats Muller Daihley.

In the first series, Hamburg SV 21 points out. On Monday 8th ago, FS Colon, Hamburger SV

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Hamburger SV shows a good shape. They are unbeaten in the last five games in the second Bundesliga, winning two games and three games ended in a draw. In the past weekend, they won 1-0 on the way to Magdeburg. In the last seven games, they won for the fifth time. Eleven goals were scored in 11 of the first games. It helps the second best defense teams in the second Bundesliga. Only the Union Barlene has scored a goal that they have achieved so far.

Last week, Hamburger SV Went to the German cup. We won 3-0 on the way to Wen Baban. F. F. It was a good general test before the best match against Colon.

The home statistics of Hamburger SV are very interesting. Only two seasons have been lost this season. Both semi-finals are in the second largest city in Germany. They have failed in both matches. Kyle lost 0-3 against Holstein, and went bad against Jan Regensburg. The match lost 0-5.

Hamburg SV has shown good performance in recent home matches. They have been victorious in the last three matches. They have also played in the last two matches at St. Paul and Bachham. In this match, hosts will be clear without Scottish striker David Bates.

FC The cone, in its part, has recently faced a lottery. In the last three games they have played in the last three games. After a surprising loss of the Duisburg battlefield, they continue to be sad for the fans for the past few weeks. In the last two matches, they have played against Holsten Kail and Hedenhay in 1-1. Last week, they lost from the German Cup when they lost to penalties against the Santiago club Screw.

The FF is the favorite favorite of the second Bundesliga. Call. They have really arrived this season. They have been in sixth position since they lost in five games. Four winners are a level playing academy.

On the other hand, only two out of six Sixes against Hamburger SV have won. This is a great game in the second Bundesliga. Both teams will continue promotion. Recently hamburger SV It will be very close to war. The teams are divided because they are separated.

But: Hamburger SV should directly join the home in the fight for promotion, the org can not afford disappoint the home team again. The top contest is very open, but I think the home owner is very happy when the Hamburger SV has over 2.50 bet.

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