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Daite Predictions: – There are many bankruptcies


[Nettavisen:] There are many bankruptcies in the fashion industry and in the future in other industries. Only merchants following the hour will survive, "said Otna Mayell, investor and co-owner of" Fielstad "fashion in Fashion Chand, NetaViewicon.

For over 40 years, the department has been in the fashion industry. Initially one of the founders was Beko Bok, Pocco Locko. And the company's Voice of Europe and the Chancellor's Identification, Wick and Boys of Europe.

After a decade of rest, he has become the owner of the Fiststad chain.

– These will die

He is waiting for the sharpest rise in the garment and other stores over the next few years. Many chains have already gone banknotes such as PM, SIMPLER LIFE, Spent. Others have brought out many stores.

– Someone has managed to find a magic or in accordance with the changes, but many disappear. Those who do not rote online will have a clear picture if they do not have a clear picture.

However, it does not believe primarily because of competition from online stores.

"The e-commerce is a challenge, and in recent years the industry's biggest problem is not e-commerce, but it's unusual for the store, now in a big way, says Mail Nowadays there are many fabrics in Norway.

"It's not fashion, home appliances, sports, shoes, and interior." Norway is twice the size of other European countries.


In addition to bankruptcy, the fashion neighbor believes that big shops will cut down the number of stores.

"We expect big and national players to accumulate in the future, but in the long run we can only stay," says Mail, who is waiting to wait for the fast during this summer.

– It's like a home construction. If the market is down, every single person breaks the brake once. Over the next 2-3 years, we have seen a unique perspective in industry.

He believes that people with a suspicious profile are among the most dangerous.

"In many cases, you can go to the saar and buy the supplements that are available to the cear.

Jeans and clothes

He attracts specialty stores about the Yme, especially for snakes, as a model for successful stores to find a Nixe. It's similar to fashion stores such as retro or bogart in trondime. There are a number of shops that can be followed by your inauguration.

"The next match is the quality of adult children and youths, we're selling at a lower price, but at fair value, you can find the luxury shops in the Nedre Slottsgate from about 25,000 Kronstadt costing up to 25,000."

Men's Fashion is one of the most striking attractions in recent years.

– Men's fashion has increased, but it comes from the puja. He says.

"In my father's generation, people have done hat, coat, dress, and everything, and now we have more attention with men's clothing, and we're now selling more buckets from brands such as Uber, Parajampers and Canada Goes.

He does not think progress is slow.

"Still there are new products and new parts, and the fashion industry should always have news and I see that this is happening again and again, and that's what's in the fashion business," same joke, fresh receipt, "again smile.

Nothing from 250 stores

In the late 1970s, when the fashion industry started on the street, the street scene was dressed up. Their own fashion for youngsters was not found.

This changed when Moell and four other partners started the buck group with the rest of the bokes, pokolo loco, poko lino, pico and classico.

New rivals, especially Swedish and Danish, such as Hineys, Mauritius and Vera Modes, are the lowest chains. Today in most markets there are these chains. The old merchants disappeared with the domination of the past.

"When I started working on the textile industry, we were Santox, Qualitex, Hercone, Loudspeaker, Technorpper, and Network in the line, and 100-200 stores were boring every now and now everyone except the texcone is missing, says Mail.

By the end of the eighties even the bike book group control was lost. Thereafter he was dressed in voices of Europe, cine ideas like Mann, Wick and Boyce of Europe, Jean Paul and Henry Choice.

Go with the cool

He sold the chains to the Color Line entrepreneur Olv Niels Sunday in 2003, but in 2014 fashion fashion came back when it took over 50% stake in fashion store.

Following Bent, his son looked after investors after his son changed the generation.

"When I worked in voices, it was interesting merchants I knew later, when I was going to showcase Bentitz, I knew exactly what I'd like and did not show me anything else.

Orisso has 11 stores now. While they do not plan to spread to other parts of Norway, look for the possibility of entering Sweden.

"Stockholm Stockholm has a factorstad storus store, which translates 100 million chronicles into a story, so it's a test, but we're a big step forward in Sweden and we can find the right thing," says Mail.

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