Friday , June 18 2021

Danish Public Prosecutor Anchor Bendner Verdict – Afton Peston

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Bentner was earlier sentenced to 50 days in jail by the court.

At Thursday afternoon, the Attorney General announced in Copenhagen Twitter The prosecutor appeals for a severe punishment.

– The case of the football player is in opposition to the prosecution authority for aggression. The prosecutor said that the case against the taxi driver will not appeal.

The prosecutor initially asked for a three-month jail sentence for Bender, according to Douglate. 1500 Danish chronor was nominated for 500 tonnes of cranes.

Copenhagen's city judgment is jailed for 50 days, and a compensation cost of Rs 11,300 and Bentner cost.

"We disagree in many things, but it is not a person's assertion that RB's lawyer Anders Nemath handed it over to BT after the verdict.

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