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Disease of fake alarms: An ambulance has been changed 900 times


Flekkefjord is due to having fake phones from an individual in a municipality in Rogaland and ambulances from Sirdal have been hundreds of years annually.

The problem can not be solved at Sonland Hospital or Municipality Center at the mental health center.

"There are some colleagues who are struggling now, and it's a lot of fun when trying to make a meaningful job," Alwac Stalwandland, Fleckfeld's ambulance driver, and dabbladet.

Svindland had reported this week. He says that he is partially harmed by all fake phones that run ambulances.

"We're a long way off, it's mentally sad, says Savanded London.

– An ambulance requires fewer times

– When you know that you will have to get through more than 20 times in the weekend, it's not meaningful. That is not ready, he says.

In 2017, an emergency number of the Emergency Medical Center in the solar lane was lifted by an ambulance 287 times in 2017.

Dougladett reports that senior vice president at the head of the Hospital, Per Entrerant, continues to call the number of calls in 2018 "like the previous year". That is, the ambulance has shifted to the person who calls 900 times in three years.

Last weekend, between 1500's AMK calls between Swindland and his colleagues.

Halvard Kyle, senior adviser in 2017 and in the West-County county council, said:

– Shutting down money

– It's very wrong. It's incredibly hard. I am surprised that management did not do anything before long. I sincerely hope that something will happen soon. Money pays here. Svindland says that surrender hospital has tried to spend as much as possible in recent years but it is not savings.

The municipality councilor and fire commander John Slavd of the municipality told the municipality that the municipality had reported reports to Douglass.

An ambulance service was one of the six supernatural firebirds, as a civilian head of the municipality following the suspension of the suburban suspension some years ago. "First responded first" for heartbreaking bleeding, bleeding and other acute incidents.

He promised to help the ambulance, but he did not get anything from county doctor.

Too many suggestions

"We have found a way to deal with it and we will not let it go," says Engstrand, of dabblodate.

But it's been nearly three years. An Additional Fire Chief was ordered to expel a Fire Chief Official to assist Ambulance. Why have you done this before?

"There have been many suggestions over the years, but we need to find a different arrangement for this patient," said Estr.

The hospital authorities have now taken a series of pictures of how much calls can be made to ambulance.

"The challenge is how to deal with it, and the problem has been given to symptoms of the patient to send an ambulance, which is different from the standards, says Engstrand.

– What do you wear about ambulance workers?

– The ambulance and travel needs of the entire ambulance service sector should be taken care of. We're doing it, but if you find that a great deal of resources have been misused, it can put pressure on those who work on the service.

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