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"Do we dance dance?" – – "We Dance"


In the final of the Audience Nadalan's final, "Do not want to do it and do it to do and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it," said Einer Nileson (54), Jan Gunnar Soli (37) )

Once the sounds have been spoken, everything is decided. Enroll and Anette remain the winners of "Shaw U Dance" in 2018.

At the last moment both of them entered the park. Anette Stoke (30) and Ricky Ludd (22) performed well with their dance partners.

WIND: TV 2 profile,
Won: TV Two Home and Time for Home and Programmer Einer Nilsson (54), Dance Dance (Anne Stoke, 30), Shall Dance this year. Photo: TV 2
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ODI and ANAT during the night's performance. Photo: TV 2
Earned: At one point of time, Annette was portrayed. Photo: TV 2
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"If we can get drugs now, ask the winner at the end of the duckblade ending box that eventually strips" dance dance dance ".

"It's really strange to really win, and when I thank you I do not seem to be able to resist pressure, but eventually realizes that I'm fun with her, says the director of the" Time for Home "program, looking at the dance partner.

"I do not remember what happened when our names were called. Annette, who believes that the party will win today, says:

– Sure, she says.

In the first attempt at the final

When Douglatelet met the finalists earlier this week, they told them all to participate in the finals – once they all proved.

Ricky said that Jan Gunnar did not say there were important things to befall on Saturday night evening. He said that adventure is an adventure to play footballers of the past.

For the first time when the pro-dancer was a partner in the match, she was proud to have gone to the final.

"This is a special trip, Jan Gunnar added.

Couples stay together several times and thank you for all your opponents. The rumors have also been answered about whether they have been more than friends over the season.

Invalid: Helen Olafin does not appear in the final of "Come to Vu".
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Friendship with life

In the final, the finals were quite unexpected, "says Ainar and Attatum.

– pretty fantasy. At the start of the season, it is difficult to expect the season, and many years ago, Atty agreed.

Recently, I have to thank you for the second position, but no mills to track after sending today.

"It was a final final, an incredibly exciting experience to stay here, two dancers Ainar and Annette, and I feel that I have offered everything to myself, and I'm sure it's a good number, and this is going to greatly benefit me and thank everyone who voted for us. I think it's like a victory to come Nothing to do, "says Jan dabbladerrineat gunnarile.

From the final: Jan Gunnar and Einar Year "We Need Dance" – Finalists, but you do not know.

Reporter: Henriette Eliensson
Video: Helen Scoststad
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