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"Famine" 2018: – Secret secretaries after "Pharma" exit: – Unpleasant behavior


"Farmer's partner Andre Badendick (23) says that" I'm learning a lot of jokes, "she says.

For seven weeks, the "Farman" adventure was a blogger from Oslo, in the landscape of the empire. The recording yard was abandoned after losing space traveler 35-year-old Trembeter Irene Halle, 35. The disappearance of the television squad has disappeared. Bandenik continued to torpedo.

Lot: Andre Badendi was comforted for two match matches after a TV show. The atmosphere was quite different after the scenes. Photo: Alex Ivorsen / TV 2
Missed: Andre Badendi is the embodiment of two matches after the TV show. The atmosphere was quite different after the scenes. Photo: Alex Ivorsen / TV 2
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"I never thought I'd be a" farmer "for so long," said the 23-year-old man, who had a lot of interest in traveling from others but lost his family and friends at the same time.

– Smile too much

For the television program, Badenjack's "Farmen" residence is relatively amazing. She has another version:

"The TV channel's importance is the significance of TV2, and I was sleeping in a few weeks, and when I introduced the simplest man in the TV yard, it was going on around and it was a search.

  • Watch the video interview with the "Family" partner who has been excluded from the case.

Already in the middle of the recording, the 23-year-old woman who made sure that Ozio Hali's "farman" stops just ended was clearly not feeling well. After a brief tailor's meeting in front of the television program, Badendek gave a detailed answer to the ducklabel, 35-year-old told her the predecessor.

AMPERT: Arena Baddend Irene Halle (TV) was a former judge. Here just before the battlefield. Photo: Alex Ivorsen / TV 2
Ampere: Andre Badendick was Irene Halle (TV) former judge. Here just before the battlefield. Photo: Alex Ivorsen / TV 2
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"She began to get acquainted with me and said," Never drink my hair if you have a selfie. "I felt as if I was trying to drive me in front of everyone, it's bad when you got into a farm shop, she explains.


Despite the harsh beginning, Bendendic emphasized she was finally her friend. However, the cake was gripped, twice after the dismissal of Steve, after the television discourse.

"I can not expect to get together for everyone, but I think all the people should be treated with respect, I'm sad that Irene gave me no chance, but rather like a chicken baking me, refusing to love me and uncomfortable in my view.

Douglass was opposed to criticism, and Irene Halle agrees.

"If I suffer her, I'm sorry, it's not easy to know how to solve such a personal relationship, I do not really remember the emotions of everything but I'm not going to make her life sad," Hali said.

PENTHEIGGER: Irene Hall and Andre Badenach still trail through the trail. Photo: TV 2
MUMBAOGOGI: Irene Hall and André Badenz still live on television programs. Photo: TV 2
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– She looks lazy

The 35-year-old admits she is very bother in badding through recording.

"It seems to me that she will be lazy, but we've lived two different creatures, that's why she's not her fault, I did not like her behavior and she expressed the feelings of others to play on," says Halle.

– Andre believes that you decide to love her?

– I have often commented on things I have about a vegan or hair extensions. But I thought that all the criticisms were directly seen directly. Of course not, the hale continues, and continues:

"I want to say that I do not care about André, what I told her and what would have been better in our own.


Badden said he knew that Hale was disrespectful. But it is clear that disagreements are not allowed to break the TV environment. She points out that the "pharma" class is not the same today.

Back in Oslo
Return to OSLO: The recording of "Farmen" ended, and Andre Badden was back home. It is here at home in his apartment. Photo: John Tear Peddersen / Dagblade
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After seeing the results of TV's own residence, as mentioned earlier, TV 2:

"I realized that they wanted to stop me in the rosbomb box, but I think I really deserves to be presented to hard work, which is not bad for me right now but I'm cool to read the feedback that I'm a fraud." Fortunately, I have a platform that can defend myself, It says, refers to his own blog.

Though it's not easy to think about her appearance in the film "Farman" to publish her own personality, she's 23 years old.

"I realize there is a possibility and I realize that participation affects traffic on blogs and social media, and when I signed up for" farmen ", all other things are very silly, says Badendake.

Two drop water: Nikolai and Marcus Aspan (23) are the only twins. Some possibilities have increased since the appearance of the earlier California Farm. Reporter: Miriam Buckirdard. Video: Helen Scoststad
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