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Ferrin's director: – As with a ghost


FT My Name is unknown: HBO series
Fitzo is not known: HBO series "My Bright Front" recording director Lavi (t.v) and Elena when director Saiviero Costansso. Viji said that he does not know who Ferrandi is, although both have written hundreds of emails to each other. Photo: HBO Nordic

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The book "My Brilliant Front" was released in conjunction with Elena Ferrandi, CBSERTA (VG) director Severio Costans (43). It was based on the big book speculation.


"As with a ghostly life", we told him that we met him from Naples in Caesaret, this summer.

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Expensive TV series HBO will be showcased on Monday The first book from Naples Quarter The author wrote that anyone knows who knows who someone is Elena Ferrante.

Background: Mystery Ferrate

The director of the Italian director is working as an unknown nightmare for many long-term pictures.

– It's awesome. I have dreamed to have nightmares about people without a face. Ferente is a person who wants to work. She makes me weak. But at the same time we had a clear and clear relationship. She does not talk much, but has very clear ideas and gives them good advice, "Costans said.

Were you present In this way, Norwegian Elizabeth (11), ABW's "My Brilliant Front"

WhatsApp with each other

Two years ago he started working with Ferrando, but he liked life from him. They communicate via e-mail through Ferrarance publishers, and finally decide how to get to each other – through the publisher.

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Comment: Long live guess. Fernando long.

– I sent a message to a publisher who received quick access and watched Fernet as a black publisher in the WhatsApp – the one who sent me. All were publishers. In this way Constantzo says that we have written hundreds of emails, and he insisted on the media. For example, on the penis of Ferrand.

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Ferrand could not afford anything

"First of all, I thought, all I started to think about, we found – There are a couple who are writing together, but believe me, we do not know about her, I believe in the reality of the books she writes.

Ferrian's husband? Ferrande is the writer who marries the woman

Is Ferrari Smoking?

Yet, he was astonished:

"I did not ask for a person, if I was smoking a day, I had to ask myself that before I smoked and the director laughing, I answered.

The box series about friends Elena and Lililla was created Ferrumte Fever Norway has achieved great success in most of the books. These four books have been accepted Cube box 6 VG and series are a total of 400,000 copies.

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"Snow Soldier" Fever: Serves millions in a few weeks

According to HBO's estimates, the participation of VPS is on the "first and the last" recording outside Nepalese. There they set up a closed factory area of ​​65,000 square meters. We see around Elena and Lilas – their poor neighbors in Naples painted in a carefully crafted inspiration from Picasso's gourmet.

Everything is gray gray, but it's all planed to get more brightness and more colors. Four Seasons TV Arranged for the series, one for each book.

– Now we know the biggest movie set in Europe. Here, we have made several names of Ryan Lynty's Naples, the only railway station, the Vesuvius View, the first and the first at the same time, designer of the set says, Jiancarlo Basilai, VG.

The tunnel and 14 apartments have been built. Six built-in houses have been built within a 100-meter factory building.

Valentine's wedding dresses are designed

We get a lot of things, but the SE allows but does not get touched, or take a picture of Lila's wedding anniversary. Valentino's main designer Pierpaolo Piccioli should be designed. The famous coque valentino, who plays a big role at the end of the first book. Along with HBO, Rai Fiction and TIMVision, this fellow product has many degrees. Although the series is in Italian language.

Finally, we end up in Bar Solara, which we offer Apertro Spritz – we met with director Savierero, Costans and two couples. The teenage edition of Leela and Elena, who was a teenager Leila and Elena, Half of the Norwegian Elisa del Genino Norway's mother and Italian father.

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"Because these characters have become symbols, we had a lot of stress in finding the right ones to play with, 8,000 girls from the light and believed in their pain," says Costans, "I was in love with these four moments.

Elena Ferey was quite aware of him as one of those series:

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"At the end of the wedding, she is busy. We have suggested that the end of the church thru food goes to church. But it would have to return to Ferrand rasrrearanrinatuttulla dinner. Then, at the beginning of busy, purappetuvikkentatuntayirunnu a voice kinds of s. Because, without all the associated pratikaravumayi We do not uplifted. Keasrransea that is the vengeance of hatred, love, pheranre history.

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Is Ferrata mother?

In 2007, Ferranda wrote about the rights to the book, known in the Norwegian name «Dark daughter» – Yes.

"That same day, she told me never to make a film, but she replied:" Yeah, you're probably my mother, it's my mother, laughing at Costans.

He worked in a six-month project. But finally he did not have the ability to write Ferrand. It has gone on for years. Two years ago, Ferrand asked him to bring Naples to the Quartet screen.

My first quest: Oh my goodness. This is an adventure. I've read the fourth book, it's so widespread. But when I was hurt to fight with my readers, I was confident that I was not using more books. But this is more than a best cell. This is part of my story, and it says it felt like a cold.

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These months later, Ferendett is still a secret for Seyores Costans:

– I do not know what i do not know, but it will be a mystery. I know what it's all about. Ferencé quotes words to all of us.

Oh! "My Biggest Friend" has eight episodes, the first episode you can watch from the HBO Nordic on Monday. The first two episodes of "My Brilliant Front" were shown at the Venice Film Festival, acclaimed by others Hollywood Reporter And Variety.

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