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Ferry crash with pear in Oslo


Accident: Many people should be injured after hitting the wall at the Hawlodia in Oslo Fogard. Photo: Lars Aid, NTB ScanPix

Major injury (VG) Passenger Ferry collided with a ferry on Howodia in Oslo Fogard, and eight people were injured. Before the tragedy, there must be technical problems in the ferry.

Police officer Torre Bastaste told VG at 6.30 pm that eight people were injured after the accident. One of them, one person with serious injuries, has flew to Ullevål Hospital.

– The condition of a person is called serious. It was a powerful clash, but we do not know how the person was injured at this time. Operations manager, Wder Padderson, tells VG that the person will be questioned when the person takes advice.

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Pederson says that treatment for other injuries of five other people in Oslo emergency services is underway.

– Lost Engine Power

The police has conducted a forensic examination on Howardia and has questioned several witnesses who saw the collision.

– Our main imagination is that Ferries have come and it was to be added to Howawia, but toward the island it has lost the engine power and the engine has not been able to turn it back for less speed. Pedersen says, thus, he has entered the mold at a relatively high speed.

Both the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and the Accidental Inspection Board are now linked to the next task.

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When the accident took place there were 134 passengers on the ferry «Oslo XI».

It was inevitably a difficult strain on ferries on passengers. Operation Manager Predsin says, fortunately, most of them did well.

Operations Manager Predsans says that they say that traffic is now in traffic, traffic is getting normal again.

Pederson says – there were some challenges with traffic congestion and people survived on the island, but the traffic is now again normal.

While there was a long queue on the vault, because people were more waiting for the ferry to the city and passengers were taken to Raddsbrigga in Central Oslo. Evie McKinnon had a ferry on the board. She says she ran loudly to see what was going on when she heard a loud voice.

I was very far behind, but I saw what happened. I heard a loud voice before going down to see if she needs help, she tells VG.

– Prior to retreat, Fairy ran straight in the queue; she went ahead.

Orlio Barisha says she was standing behind the queue on Hobodia and was waiting for a boat listening to Bong.

– We immediately realized that something was wrong. Bariisha told VGG, "We had first thought that someone has come to arrest.

Technical problems: According to the rotor, there must be technical problems in the vessel before the accident occurred. Photo: Lars Eyed / NTB ScanPix

When VG spoke to them only after the crash, they described the situation at the bay was chaotic.

Berisha said, "bleeding in the nose, many are injured, and one person who is unconscious is inside the boat."

– Many just wait here. There is no control over anyone here. Police are interacting with people against Qatar.

Technical problems

Rutter's Press Contact informs VAG that he is one of the road boats.

– We are in touch with the Board's captain to get a glimpse. Keeper is in control. Boat had technical problems I have been instructed that there are six passengers injured, as told today in the press of the rutter.

The witness got an impression that it was an engine that stopped and so it thrown ferries into the bay.

McInnohn says, "The fairy was headed towards Kwa, and when no engine works, no one can stop or get away."

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