Friday , June 18 2021

Football , The game Double victory for Marc Henrikson

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Marcus Henrikson became father for the third time after leading Nuevo to the National League.

"It was a little strange and I started to celebrate after the competition, and I came to the phone, and came up with a number of pictures and compliments, and after 2-0 victory in Cyprus I realized what's the big thing at home.

"I remember one day, a strand had two birds.

Helenix was chosen as the leader of the Slovene and Cyprus countries. His wife is dependent on the Trondheim family. He wanted to be born, but that did not work.

On the same day that he won the last international championship, his third child and first daughter reached the world. He is very much looking forward to coming home now.

Henrixen has played in every international competition every year. If the next year's qualifying match fails, the owner of a strong group that will ensure more opportunity for Euro ticket.

"We are stronger this year and it's easy to make a game before it's easy to avoid, defensive action is probably the biggest difference, and we have had a lot of ways to take the opportunity and take the ball," he said, "but there was not a long-running Norwegian national team.

"In addition, we've got a lot of opportunities, and when we reach the point of hand we need to be more efficient when doing better.

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