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FRANK LØNKE – Frank Løke med julelåt


med annonselenker

I would like to talk about the beach-deltakere.

Julefreden is a young man, and he is a freakish boy, Frank Løke, who has a lot of love for himself. Instructions on how to translate this document into a new language – for some slippers

– Jul ActionFrank's Julesangen's venture on Sangen's hand handler is the youngest man, with the help of the autopune, «Ex On the Beach»

Like other people in the UK and at YouTube, Spotify and YouTube on the social networking site.

Ex on the beach-damer

In addition to all the Martine Stol, Helene Hima and Marielle Efford – all the time in TV shows «Ex on the beach».

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Og ingen sang uten video – og ifølge løke, selv er det man man

– Do you know what you are doing, and you know, you're going to have a YouTube channel, subscribe and get it done.

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Youtube-kanalen er løke siste tilskudd i måter a fansen, oh hoy lover at all hans galskap kommer på denne kanalen fremover.


The most important thing to do is go to the hunkball spiller, where he has to fight for a long time. If you want to know more about "Skal vi danse" in the internet, then you can watch TV-TV in your TV show on TV.

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Julelåten er ikke løkes første – han har også gjort «ActionFrank» If you have any questions or concerns about this topic or not: – You must have "Skal vi danse" -skandalen

Lik Nettavisen her og fürke freske ngheter og friske meninger!

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