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Frequent Flyer , TAX smell Outlaw at the job can be taxable

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You will pay taxes for outlays created for a credit card credit card job.

It has been properly written that from the new year, employer employee benefits, such as on flight bonus points, are forced to report and make tax. Both these working hours and private affairs apply to the use of bonus points.

But it turns out that most people do not receive bonus points when buying flights.

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– The highest earning Euroboan points of any item other than purchasing most of our customers' furniture. President Norwood Morton Johanson, Dagen's Nareslov in SAS Norway, and other purchases are now estimated to be around 60% points.

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The Finance Ministry reports to Dages Nareslov that the tax administration has believed that there will still be no tax or reporting liability for nominal bonuses, which the employee receives when buying goods and services on behalf of the employer.

The size of the bonus, how big the bonus is, and how often the employee purchases determine whether it is considered to be trivial or not. Initially, it is the employer who has the reporting responsibility and who should evaluate it.

Some companies prefer to be "anterior" in the field, rejecting bonus points of employees on private travel.

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