Friday , August 19 2022

Good works in the car are artificial intelligence


This has happened in a short time. Watch the video:

The vehicles that we call infotainment systems or multimedia systems are the world's best automobile manufacturers.

Recently, they presented a lot of news in their cars. The launch of today's e-class was the real problem.

Now they add the table again to the new A-class, the IUCU electric car. The 2,200 Norwegian was ordered.

There is a shortage of things to look forward to. Watch the Voice Control Demo in the MBUX at the top of this case.

We know the new electric car – EQC


Mercedes is a new Mercedes-Benz system. Mercedes-Benz customer experience.

In addition to two good digital monitors connecting to half the dashboard, you have provided a lot of software. Including artificial difficulties.

The new broadcaster is equipped with new and innovative voice management. Many systems often understand only preprogrammed texts. For example, "increase temperature".

You can use the MBUX as much as you can. You say, "I'm cold, make it hot here" (I'm freezing, lift the heat) "The car will understand it and work accordingly.

Now Mercedes will do like everyone else

Artificial intelligence

However, the system is much larger than that. Because it's AI (artificial intelligence) or Norwegian artificial intelligence, then you know the car you know.

You're familiar with yourself and your habits, more and more.

For example, it can be used to suggest playlists based on your music marker or a phone call remind you.

If you say that you are hungry, the MBUX suggests the nearby restaurants, showing their menus and checking prices.

You can read more of the new infotainment system here

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