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Handball and Injury: – Handball EM converts the alarm first


Saturday launches Handball EM for women in France, and many injuries have played the role of Norway's team in the run-up.

Now the crew of former national team hits Gross Hammerseng-Edin alarms.

– The alarm is wary of me. It's not about Norway's gold opportunities. In my eyes they are still favorites with France. The alarm goes because I feel that over time the total load on these players is huge, Hummersgden writes in the blog post in Edin TV 2.

In other things, she aims at Stain Bredel of Fidel, who played with thigh injury in the three match of the Momfrangen Cup. In addition, Katrina Lude sat on a bench against France with a bad ankle, Tha Mork was found to be in France's battles with injury, and both Amanda Kurtovic and Nora Murke are incomprehensible to severe knee injuries.

Health Focus

Hammersgård-Edin feared that there would be a lot of pressure on the players, including Lynn Zorim Suleland, who have now left the right choice as the right-back player with Kurtovic and Nora Murk.

– Some manage to handle it, but not many. It costs the world's best. I realize that there is no easy solution here, especially that it does not apply to managers, players, coaches to reduce their ambition. Do not work at a club or national level. Discussion must be raised. How to find solutions to ensure there is a fair total amount with time? Both when it is in the middle and how is it possible to ensure health care from potential handball careers? Hamsense-Edin writes.

She goes on to say:

"It is our responsibility, that is, around athletes, and at least management responsibility is to put it on the agenda. We need to find better solutions, players do not wait to complain, they probably will not do it. There is no complaint for girls, they / we have behaved well, we train (maybe?) Most of the world and are proud of it, it's a trademark. Who will dare? Writes the former national team crews.

38-year-old adds that experienced players like Veronica Kristissen and Heidi Locke can face overwhelming exercise and stress, but others may find it very difficult to know the exercise.

Dagbald's commentator Aston O. Sethor believes that knee injury is the main problem in handball.

"Handball boys knee injury can be so bad that you need to be with them for their life, Sethre writes today (read full comment here)

Looking forward

Norway travels as a gold favorite on bookmarkers in European Championships, but there is uncertainty about some profiles in the upload. The predecessor of the shooter Lin Zoram Sultan's team has been predicted to play a key role.

"We wish to lose to France (in the furniture cup) and all the players have become fresh. They are very cruel with sports. Handball can go from heaven to hell, from Lin Zoram Sulland to Digbadet.

Small Regarding the Danish Handball Boys World Cup Video in 2015, Stain Bredel Ofaldel says, "You've probably enjoyed it, but it's small." Video: Born Langsam Learn more
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– How do you experience the situation in the team with loss and strain?

– That's handball in that way. Sulland says that, rarely do you fight on your body without any space.

Sulland plays her first championship in three years and becomes the main part of the search for medals.

"I am moving forward in this game. Sullond says there is still work to do with things, but I am hoping to get better on EM.

Landscape Manager Thorrier Hargirus explains:

Handball is as cruel as all other contact players. When we met the press yesterday, Thorir told Hargrison that we were reminded of France.

He also said that Karvavik should follow suit after the downturn.

– Amanda will help you better. We send forth good ideas to Amanda and move on. We are essential, because we have to play EM. Everyone in the team has a job against them and must think about themselves. He said, "We pay attention to what we can do about it."

– I think I'm a little laughing: Before God EM 2018 in January, the players told me that if they do not have handball players they will do. Photo: Henrik Vinj, Julie Solberg and Henriet Elsewhere, show more
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Team Wade

Withers Cristians and player Sylz Wade comes from the Kurtovic cross-injury in the Norwegian EM squad. The Association Handbook Federation confirmed on Monday night after the Association Kravovski has smoked the ribbon on the left knee.

This Norwegian national team means the absence of a long absence from the player's handball. In the EM squad, without the help of Curtewić, Thorrier Hargirus has decided to take CLJ Wade. Horébében was going to France to participate in training and if necessary he would be available. Wigan player Moa Hogdah handles the problem of suffering in the team.

Norway will open in Germany against the German on Saturday, December 1 in the European Championship in Brussels. At that time, the match will be held on Monday, December 21 at 21 o'clock. The last match in the group game will be against Romania on Wednesday, December 5, 21. All the Norway matches in the group will play in the breast.

According to the national team's plan, they advance to the main round of Nancy, where three best teams from each group will fit. Semi-finals and finals are played in Paris on December 14 and 16.

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