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I wanted the municipality's biggest loton prize


LotteryWhen the Loton engine in Haram began to drag, some 15 million first prizes were ready in the pool. The following series ended:

6 – 8 – 12 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 27

The largest was 25.

Seven ranks continued seven times and one of the winners lived at Hardalla. Fusesa is a loton millionaire.

When he checked his coupons, he could not believe what he had found.

"Now I have checked and tested several times.

At least it was unexpected when Norsk typing was called.

– Yes, thanks for calling. That's great, that man said.

Pay 14 million kroner at Loton Band Saturday Satue Saturday Saturday 1800!

Lata is more successful than last year

Fussa, one of the sixth millionth millionaires of the municipality, has a population of 3800 and is the third this year. In September, two women from Fuza scored Superlotto.

Norway is the Lotto billionaire lottery. From Hudaland to Loton Millennium 615. The only successor in history is Edwards.

So far in 2018, 30 league entries from the Lotto Games have earned millions of premiums from their accounts. In the past year, it has eight. In 1998, Lotto received a total of 22 million prizes.

Five Fellowships of the Fusa Municipality

2.9 ml: Woman, Joker 27.04.2013

2.1 Mill: Male and Lottery 10.11.2018

1.9 Mill: Women, Lottery 24.08.2002

1.6 million: Female and Lottery 02.12.2000

1.5 Mill: Male, Additional 24.06.2014

Ten Andersbank winners

Seven lants lasted seven times, but there were not seven newton millionaires.

A racket was distributed from Anders Bank. Each dedicated submission has ten levels, ie seven people in the seven people share a prize. In addition, Andersbank was a system voucher, and paid a small premium – 2,247,030 nos.

Thus, ten of them earned 225,703 crores each.

The remaining 6 million cocets are distributed by individuals – divided into six different counties. They are addressed in Tonsberg, Igrsent, Tördhigh, Austen Totten, and Oslo.

On Wednesday Lottery 29 million NMOs in Lotto Here you can distribute coupon!

Other winners' responses are here:

Male from Egersund: Great sounds

– It's amazing. You must have a happy job. When we called for a happy message in Hart, he was shocked at Edus.

In October, he bought a 5-week coupon with his tablet.

"We have a family with enough holes to invest, but we'll enjoy some more, tonight I will take a skirt and laugh at the end of the day.

A woman from Trondheim: had to first check the number

The Trone Hayem woman did not answer our first call – she was a little suspicious of an unknown number. But when they examined it, she realized what she knew, and she found a loton receipt using a mobile phone last Saturday night.

– Yes, I saw that I won. We were shocked, the one who lived with the family said.

"We will celebrate a little night, and then we'll see what we're seeing, but that's a transformation," she said.

Male from Oslo: Sharing with children

We were surprised by the fact that when a man checked his coupons, we got a surprise.

"But it was a good message to get – not every day to say that," said the gentleman.

He said that some gifts are going to the children.

"They're in institutional building and it is better to help them," the man said. He distributed his coupon at Nareshine in Trichy.

Man from Tonsberg

We are not connected to the Loton Millennium from Tonsburg. He gave his coupon through mobile phone.

Man from Austen Totten

We are not connected to Lotto from Austen Totten. He distributed his coupon Skreia sport and game.

Percent bank winners

10 Anders BybScross $ 225,703 By Andesbank 10 Scattered across the country:

  • Man from Rana. He summed up Moni from me.
  • The bolts were handed over to the mobile phone.
  • Man from time to time. Delivered on the Internet.
  • Men from Beeran The Cop Prix Delivered in Bean.
  • Man from Kongenber. Mobile phone was distributed.
  • Winnie's man. Mobile phone was distributed.
  • The woman from Skedsmö was distributed at the Strvesmaker Storsenter in Nervesen.
  • The man from Midsund. Delivered in the best midfield.
  • Man from Vestre Toten Mobile phone was distributed.
  • Man from Vegasushi. Mobile phone was distributed.

Pay 14 million kroner at Loton Band Saturday Satue Saturday Saturday 1800!

(Winning Prize 1: 5.4 million)

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