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Iceland's largest volcanic eruption: – Not to be the perfect fight of air traffic arising – Aviation – Occupation


– We are advanced. On Tuesday evening, Evinor's communications manager Kristian Looxa said that there was more activity than usual.

On Monday 01.41 am, an earthquake was started in Mayardlejjole south of Iceland Island. Below the ice – there is Iceland's largest volcano.

Approximately 40 earthquakes were reported by the Iceland Meteorological Institute last night, the majority of which was 4.6. Not enough to provide injuries, but the organization has written that earthquakes can be felt in this area.

One can be an anterior to the spread

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Follow: Communist manager Christine Loxa in Avignor

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Follow: Communist manager Christine Loxa in Avignor

More seriously, orbits can warn from the eruption of a large volcano.

Since 1918 there has not been any outbreak.

– If there is a spread, it will break out. The Avinor Summit says that we can not do anything about it.

Receives regular updates from Einor Island's Meteorological Institute. So far, they give "green light" in relation to axial concentration, says the locks.

Paralyced air traffic in 2010

In case of outbreak, situation can change rapidly. Kattalah Jijafjaljakul is 10 times bigger, which, after its outbreak in 2010, kept Europe "unsettled".

The outbreak brought a huge ash cloud, which was increased on the explosion by cold water from the glaciers. Clouds have glass particles which are dangerous to the aircraft – and thus they are placed on the ground.

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Information Manager at the SAS, Nat Morton Johansson.

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Information Manager at the SAS, Nat Morton Johansson.

– While Ash Crisis was a fact, so every flight was based on. He had been in much of the European air traffic for many days. And the bigger airlines fell into a big loss, the information manager reminded Nut Morton Johansson in the E22 in the SAS.

– Equipped with better today

Avinor says that aviation is "better equipped" today to manage the stock clouds than 2010.

– She has done a lot of international work for everyday integration. With the spread of equal intensity in 2010, there will be very little consequences for air traffic, says locksa.

SAS does not want to speculate about the latest activities in Iceland, and says it relates to the messages of Avinor and Norwegian aviation authorities.

– Quake means that there is nothing to transport, but of course it is close by the experts. Johansen notes that no need to erupt need to be completely full of air traffic.

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