Saturday , January 16 2021

If you look forward to purchasing an RTEX card, you can probably favor »ITavisen

RTX 2060 Soon in the store shelf – it's a huge box.

NVIDIA has released a new graphics card for some relatively cheap seekers with good performance: it has been named RTX 2060 and it should be a good display at a very affordable price compared to the earlier generation 1070 Ti.

Gives better than predecessor

During the company's CES conference, 2060 cards were released. Company CEO Jensen Huang has said that RTX 2060 is better than 1070 TT and that card is faster than 60% of GTX 1060. The card comes with 6 GB GDR6 memory and 240 tensor core.

With Ray tracing enabled, NVIDIA claims that the card runs Battlefield V at 60 frames per second on the 1440 P resolution graphics settings, however your computer is equipped with i9 processor. How many combinations of I9 processor and NVIDIA's cheapest cheapest revenue tracing cards?

Around costs around 3500

Anyway, it's the cheapest RTEX option ever, which is about Rs. For the initial price of Rs 5,000, the RTX 2070 is a major drop in prices. With the same price ratio, we can expect to see the RTC 2060 in the Norwegian store shelf around NOK 3500 and there is not much support until the promise promised at this price really requires more power.

The card will be available from January 15th and if you want to be an early 2070 and 2080 big brother, you do not need to look at "Foundation's Edition", even if it becomes an option.


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