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Ikea opens a second-hand shop – check out now Ikea starts selling!

Ikea opened for sale in its store. Initially, there is a trial project at the Ikia Department store in Ringkarark. According to Ike's communications advisor, Troels Mathisen, this would be a service in all the mines of 2020 by 2020.

Get 30% of the value on gift cards

A few weeks ago, Marisen Dynside, a low-priced hook, opened the Riskweek Warehouse furniture for its furniture. There is now a way to find the inventory of the exhibition, through the usual return scheme and private ownership of goods.

The scheme works to submit photos and descriptions of an IQIA furniture that you want to sell through an IKEA online service – you will get a feedback whether it is an item they can sell.

If your item is approved for sale, when you submit the item for sale, you will receive "payment" from here. But note that this is not a cash advance, but on a gift card in Ike:

Working at the district store where the furniture is evaluated, whether or not to sell more. If we think we can make this furniture, we have to pay up to 30% of the new price, when we give a customer a certificate in the form of Mathisen

If it does not matter if it becomes old, they find something similar to their limit today – be appreciative.

"But if there is any klenodier, you can get a totally different price, which has some superficial furniture," says Matemison.

Communication Consultant Trolls Mattein in Inca. Photo: Ike

Communication Consultant Trolls Mattein in Inca. Photo: Ike
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Sold at the same price as you get

Ikeka sells it at the same price at the same price received at prize certificates from this.

"Now, we take bargains, we have not achieved anything, but it's part of the goal to be 100 percent circular by 2030. We need to take up responsibility for the furniture and make sure that we use it as much as possible," Matissein told Dinside.

Eight years ago, Sweden was a little different and second hand sales service. Used sales, physical store, have been tested in different countries, and various degrees of success. According to MARTIN, it has been a big success in Japan and has never worked in any other country.

But they do not want to sell it

While Billy Shelf's are free in ike's recycle store, they do not have all the furniture and materials they need.

Of course, it must be an imaic product.

But Mattasson told Dynside that all the product categories will resume for reuse:

– Electronic electronics can not accept because we can not go to the electronics. We do not accept beds, mattresses, and sofas. It's cleansing, says Matinin.

They do not want to mention other things, they mention mixer batteries and children's furniture for all children.

– The highest quality of what we sell when it comes to children's products. Of course, you can sell it through other channels, Mathisen points out and explains that they do not take responsibility for the condition of children's products.

– Fine is very popular now

But there is a good opportunity to sell the goods used in the finale.

Finn, Communications Advisor in Adele Kopplain Blissd, tells the most popular iCache products in Dynise.

Communications Advisor in Fin, Adel Kapelon Blisted. Photo:

Communications Advisor in Fin, Adel Kapelon Blisted. Photo:
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"So far 780,000 searches have been changed to Finn for Finn, 750,000 searches last year and 650,000 searches took place in 2016. In another word, Bliss says that in recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand.

"If you've already searched for" Ikeka "in Fin Squareer's" Furniture and Ingrid "category, there are also 15,000 advertisements, which you'll find at prices from $ 22,000 for free.

Of course, what you look for will be different for an ike product you use.

– Generally used furniture and interiors products are much cheaper than new ones. So you can make a real bargain. In addition, many furniture has been installed, and many appreciate, says to Blystad

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