Wednesday , May 18 2022

IKEA Reusing Store Started – Buy Old Furniture Again – Ike – Business


– We do not have the age range of products, we think there are many old Iki tags there too.

NORKA's Sustainable Manager Anders Lennartzon is the latest commitment to tackling a new period in the retail sphere.

New things are constantly trying to hijack customers. The last is that they can now sell their old ike furniture in the company. These furniture will try to sell more profits.

"I do not buy more than 30 percent of retail prices.

Norway by 2020

The project will start in Hamar, but will be rolled into the entire country.

The goal is to get this offer in Norway by 2020, "says Lennartson.

"Can I suffer from weak results, would it be a bad deal of ubiquitous profit scheme?

"This is not a PR stunt but we think it's a great agenda to deal with stability but it should be profitable if it is implemented, but as part of a pilot project, it is now in the main focus.

In the last year, IKA's operating profit decreased by over 100 million.

The company is still working with new experiments and decided to end at IQ this year, including service centers.

In the service centers, customers can buy the products, but do not bring them back from there.

Want to get more in store

All existing stores will be built in the current warehouse.

Even if the project is successful, the idea is that if the venture is successful, more customers will be brought to the stores.

In a few years, what would I say about profit in Norway, and how does such experiments affect that goal?

"Franklin, in short, I do not think I have any say about the profitability of Ike Norway." We give customers a new chance, "says Lennartson.

He says that Norway's utility market is huge and especially young. In other markets, Ike has opened second cell stores.

The furniture chain works in the development of other experiments in the interior.

Without doubt

The BI's former Retail Trade Manager Order Gishol made this statement in the autumn, it is not clear whether the reduction in the number of products in the construction should be reduced in the near future.

"They sell a lot of different facts, and the company speaks about sustainability, for example, looking at all the toys they produce, and do you think it's sustainable?

Now, Ike is thinking of working this way, and sustainable manager Lennartson believes it's crucial in future.

"The model that we have worked for decades does not work today and needs to be more careful about the world, and I think companies that do not do it will pay fine for the customers in the years to come.

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