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Irina's Credit – What Is The Sting Against The Former?


In early June, news came that actor Bradley Cooper (44) and model girlfriend Irina Vegeta (33) joined each other after four years. The news came some months after the announcement.

The fact is that although the Star pair has not confirmed the break, there are many indications that they have actually broken.

Among other things, it has been written that Vegetable Pisif has gone out of a million-villa of couple in Palisades, and last week Supermodel was shown without his engagement ring.

Without a call: Last week, Irina Vegetable was pictured without engagement ring during a trip with her daughter in New York. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Without a call: Last week, Irina's Vegetable was portrayed without an engagement ring during her trip to New York with her daughter. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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This week, paparazzi photographers have photographed a beautiful 33 year old photograph, and when she left her office in New York on Friday, she was particularly worried that she wore the press that caught the attention.

The super model was on one book – many including the British newspaper Mirror, such as interpreting as a subtle sting against former Cooper.


In his hands, Shakti was a copy of the book "The Idiot" written by Russian writer Fidor Dostovsky 150 years ago.

Spark against EXX: Many interpretations of the book as a former stick by Irina Vegeta. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Spark on EXX: Interpretation of many books as a former stick by Irina Shakti. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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The book titled "The Idiot" is translated directly into Norwegian, and when this may be the only coincidence, the British newspaper writes that the model did not do anything to hide what was going on – what was it about.

IDIOTEN: This model is by Fiedor Dostoevsky
Flower: The model got a copy of "The Idiot" by Fedor Dostovsky. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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If the book is actually a sting against the Copper, we can never know, because the shake card is known to keep it close to its chest, as far as its privacy is concerned. She rarely makes any comment in the press, and as mentioned, she has not confirmed the breach.

Violation rumors

Rumors of violation between Shake and Cooper have increased in the past year. Lady Gaga (33), who acted in the film "A Star is Bourne", did not help with the speculation about violation.

With the touching action and beautiful music, the film hit many viewers in the heart, but chemistry between the next main role players also attracted much attention in later times.

During the Oscar award in February, when the "Shellows" song was released by Gaga and Cooper, all of them reached the top and after the exhibition, some were convinced that there was nothing more than just friendship between the two stars.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper appeared in the popular movie "A Star is Bourne" and at 91. The Academy Awards presented the song "Shellows" together – great applause from the audience. Now, the speculation is that Gaga and Cooper are more than just good friends.
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A few days ago, he knew that Gaga broke the alliance with Christian Karin (50), he did not close the rumors properly.

In May, when Irina Vegeta appeared on Matt Gala in New York without Cooper, the speculation about the break was more elaborate and with some US media Page six, reported that before the break, only their relations were hung in a thin thread.

Alone in the runner: In 2018, Bradley Cooper and Irina Vegetable both came to photographers under Matt Gala. This year, credit has appeared alone. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Just on the runner: In 2018, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shake both came to photographers under Matt Gala. This year, credit has appeared alone. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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– He tries for his daughter's fault. But things are not good. None of them are happy, and their relationship stops in a thin thread, a source informs of the violation of the site just a few days ago.

Couple started dating in 2015, and in the year 2017, daughter Lee (2) was born. Now, despite living both sides of the country, they can do everything they can to help manage their daughter's care. While Cooper lives in Los Angeles, Shake lives in New York.

Flood of prestige: After being considered Bradley Cooper is single, there is speculation that she and Lady Gaga will get to each other.
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