Monday , May 29 2023

It's happened tonight


NAMSOS: The police received a message at 6 o'clock in the caravan of Skagekorsen in Nærøy.

"The deer is dead and very damaging to the driver's side. However, no personal injuries were reported, says Anlaug Oseid, Trudelag Police Chief Operating Officer,

That evening, the police were in a halloween party in Fjellvang, Ottersøya.

– It was for preventive purposes. The police were there to show their face and it was 4-5 times in the evening. But it was a good mood, says the Operational Leader.

In Snåsa however, the atmosphere was not so good in the night. The police were announced at 02.53.

"They said someone knocked on the porch to enter a house, and Melder did not know who he was and a person outside the house went around the house to get in, and the message was that a break had been made. Melder was afraid, says Anlaug Oseid Executive Director.

– We sent a car in advance. But there was no one in the house when the police arrived. In 4 days we received feedback about a broken path in the main door of the house. There were differences between two people – one in 30 years and the other in the late 1920s.

– Is there a message?

"They agreed to settle each other," he says.

The message was more dramatic than it was.

rock Gala

He was in Namsos with Rockgalla, an artist star.

«It's not just setting a bouncing on the stage, so do not worry… "- writes NA on Rockgalla's film reporter.

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Despite the arsenal of talented musicians; The rock galla has never become a party fireworks

Not just putting a tray on a stage …

It is somewhat surreal to collect the same quality of the same scene in the same night. But did the organizer take too many trans?

They both put their name on the map, where more than one million sold musicians and the other is an award-winning author. Before Rockgall, Stein Ingebrigtsen, and Carl Frode Tiller gained fame. The delegation was Trine Skei Grande, a cultural minister.

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Stein Ingebrigtsen and Carl Frode Tiller

They have built the reputation

The Trine Skei Grande Cultural Minister, who distributed it, Stein Ingebrigtsen and Carl Frode Tiller were picked up on Saturday night at Wood of Fame.

Simen Nysæter continues to give the opponents the ring. His sixth professional match – the first abroad – was once again a victory, the sixth truck.

But charging was far from optimal.

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This will be the weather

This will be Sunday and the first two days of the week, says:

In Trøndelag, the following are reported today: south and southeast highlights. Rain. Frightened by the rain that froze on the ground between the borders and the southern mountains. This morning, especially warm weather.

On Monday mornings and southeast small breezes, there are alarms from the fresh breeze in the afternoon. Cloudy or partly cloudy, mostly slippery.

Tuesday: To the east in the wind, Tuesday afternoon turning south, first in the south. Partly cloudy, protected.

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