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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez – gives the truth behind this meeting


Singer star Jennifer Lopez (49) and former baseball player Alex A-Rod Rodriguez (43) are in love with each other, there is no doubt. In social media, both constantly share love statements with each other, and they are not very painful to talk to questions about their relationship.

Among other things, Turtle Dolls had previously talked about their first date, which was held in 2017. However, it was a good chemistry between the two years before starting romantic relationships – more specifically back in 2005.

At that time, Lopez married singer Mark Anthony (50), while Rodríguez was married to Cynthia Skirts (46). During the baseball game at the New York's Shi Stadium, he played for the 43-year-old Yankees, who both greeted each other for the first time.

Lopez was in a fight with her next husband, but still there is no doubt that during that time there was a spark between her and "A-Rod".

Impressed: Jennifer Lopez- In a video clip released on Youtube, it is clear that her daughter Emm (11) is the mother of her mother. Here it is impressed with the merry song performances.
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Strange lightning

She is in an interview with Sports Illustrated, who is a US. Repeat by Weekly, the song star tells about the meeting 14 years ago.

She says, "We took each other's hands, and we had strange electricity in about three seconds."

Progress: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez joined the beginning this year, after 14 years of first meeting they were. Here is shown under the DFDA Awards. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Engaged: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez joined the beginning of this year, after 14 years of first time they met. Here is shown under the DFDA Awards. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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– Three to five seconds to see someone in the eye, and we "stuck"

They met again many years later, and this time they were unemployed in both markets. In 2014 Lopez separated herself from Anthony, when Rodriguez divorced in 2008. The rest, as you would often say, history.

Zeal: Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony when she met Rodriguez for the first time. Here the exams have been taken together in 2006. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Boxes: When she met Rodriguez for the first time, Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony. Here the exams have been taken together in 2006. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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When both met again, they quickly realized that there was romantic emotions among them. Lopez said earlier that it was that he took the initiative for the first time on the first date when he passed a day.

– I used to eat somewhere and saw it passed. Afterwards I went out. For some reason, I really wanted to make it points on the shoulder and say hello when she said when she visited "The Allen Show" in 2017.

Then they went on the date, and in a recent interview with Sport Illustrator, the singer announced that Rodriguez has already shocked – after sending her a fluristic text message.

– She was unexpected and very happy, she says about the text message, where "A-Rod" commented on how well she looked.


In early March, the stellar pair could share happy news as a girlfriend after two years.

After three days of love, according to the people, in the Bahamas, Lopez shared three pictures from the incident event.

Depending on the pictures of songbirds, it seems that Rodriguez chose a beautiful beach and clearly went down on the knees in front of the surprise Lopez at the knee.

The twin mother held her hand in her hand, while the 43-year-old prayed for her hand, and after putting an engagement ring on her finger, shared a loving kiss with a couple of photo-series.

Children are the best friends

When Lopez has Emm and Max (11) twins from Marc Anthony (50), then Rodriguez has her daughters Natasha (14) and Ella (11) with her ex.

Pleased with the couple, it was more than expected to introduce children to each other. He announced Lopez in an interview with people in 2018.

"Those kids are very awesome and open to the love and new friends," she boasted.

– I was very affectionate towards her children and she was very loving and accepting me, so they immediately embraced each other. They were usually like this: "I get a bonus brother and sister, and it's very cheerful," Lopez added.

"A-Rod" was also happy with how the family clicked.

– Our kids have become the best friends and it keeps both of us on earth and thankful. The 43-year-old said that we could not ask for anything more than that, so all of them will go.

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