Tuesday , August 3 2021

Klaus Hagerup received the BRAZA Honorary Award

Klaus Hagrepe (72) is a versatile production behind both the writer and the fictional author. He has written movies, plays, TV shows, listening games, novels, short stories and poems. Honorary award is one of the few who write all the literature in the age of time, it is said in the basis of appreciation of honor.

She emphasizes Hagerap's unique ability to deliver a visual and humble way of visualizing child and youth perspectives. "Often funny and such stories also hit the adult reader in the heart," the jury describes.

In addition, Hagerap is emphasizing the sharp storyline, where the author's voice is an unbelievable mix of deep gravity and humor.

In 1988, Claus Hagrepe wrote "Everybody Is as Close to Me", which was about his mother, poet Inger Hagerup. Klaus Hagrepe wrote the text of "Alvinos Vise" as Seyvere Kajelsberg Tonset, and when he and his wife Bibbi Boreşen published many travel reports from Tuscany, many readers were found.

Roman from Greenland

The writer and shepherd farmer of Sherdar Torre Kevin received the year's award fiction class by the critically acclaimed "When the Country Darkens" author.

The background of Greenland is called the story by the 15-year-old Ernor Wilhelmson, as the background of the Viking era. It meets Irène, and goes to the northwestern Westchester Beagle of Greenland in the joy and pain. Major changes also occur because, when the ship transports from Europe, the wood becomes insufficient. Whale goes away and at the same time a new god warms with old people.

"Cave draws a large canvas and reveals the culture of Vikings and the impressive knowledge of everyday life." Faith is the faithful, living in front of the family, people fight against each other and in nature. "When the country is dark," it is nature and love for life. A nice announcement, leaving the reader with a desire to read more, he says in the ground.

Languages ​​and elements

He went to the brochure writer, language researcher and professor Helen Uri in class-rich category, "Who Side View?" For a book about books, women, men and languages.

"It's an ambitious book, which has a wealth of attractive and frustrating facts and funny therapies. This time, Uri shines on a practical scene with the ability to play on linguistic skills and all keys – skills, warm humor, fixed fornication, and gentle and painful observations. Juri writes in his statement.

Denisen Huss was given the burden on Thursday in Oslo. Anna Fiske received her book "Alven" for Best Children and Youth's Book, while Anja Roye won an open class award, popular science for adult people and "human elements" book for children / youth.

The award has been awarded every year since 1992 and is one of Norway's most important literary prizes. It is awarded by the Norwegian Book Prize Foundation and is to increase interest in Norwegian literature and honor the good Norwegian writings.

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