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LaBeber was concerned about football development: "I earn small players a year 100 million


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Ljubljana: The Student Complex will be deployed to one side of the Domingle Sports Park, the capital of Slovenia.

On the opposite side of the football stadium you can see the road that passes cars. Capitalists do not have any tribunals. Stand on one side of the side is very small and you can see more rooms.

The Larbarch lawn summarizes the surroundings. Around 30 meters away, the national team players are hot.

Wednesday is essential to the national team for training. Two days later, more tired.

The Nations League match against Slovenia will be played at Stozes Stadium, just a few kilometers away.

Football penguins are similar to football skins. Artificial sponsorship ceremonies and clubs do not want to play with a lot of footballers about strong agents.

But you know the development of Larbert. He sees where the sport is where he is.

"I think people who are skilled and well-versed are earning money, but even youngsters can earn 100 million kroner annually when they pay $ 100 million per game.

"Generally, I do not think it's good, I do not think football is desirable in the long run," says Larbert.

The big leak shows the fight of ugly forces in football. But will it definitely affect super clubs?

The threat of the super revolution

When we met the captain of Afgan Piston in front of the player, we talked about "football leaks". The German news media, Der Spiegel, seized 70 million records of data. These are shared by a selection of European media including Vige in Norway.

There are a number of problems facing the football world's performance. The European Super League has found a proposal to form the largest and most powerful football clubs in the world.

It is uncertainty to determine how close this suggestion is, but it emphasizes a more rich trend for the rich. The classroom part increases.

Becoming a great superhero has been used as a barbell for a long time club. Last time, in 2016, the Champions League style changes were made. The way to the tournament was much smaller for the teams in the big league and the more important rozbog teams.

You know in advance that four or six teams will win with the Champions League, but how much money is it? If not, it's a very exciting team, but it has not happened in recent years, says Lagerbuer.

– Going to the US system

He thinks development is a "sin".

"The UEFA Champions League Galleries have retained some of the smaller teams in the European Football Association, more and more against the US system, which controls a lot of money," says Laharbak.

The American system is about leagues that are likely to be invited to you, but do not move downwards. LaBeber feels that football will eventually end there.

"I like the condition of today, for a football love, I think it's very interesting.

– Why?

"I think it will be a commercial success, but I think it will be less of interest in other football tournaments, and I'm going to spend a lot of money on this business and I have a good way of controlling the world of football in a way that is all the best football-owned league.

Influence of the agent

Since 2000, the National Football Manager is LAGBack. There is a blast in football related revenues. But the 70-player is now showing no big difference between the players.

In Sweden, Iceland and now Norway, twisted players in Nordic Sports. When they go home they are very professional and loyal. I've seen quite a bit of difference there. But the younger players in the foreground and the choices they make for their carrier are more impressive.

– Agency has grown unemployed, unfortunately many players choose to leave early in the morning or go to clubs they disappear when they fail. In such cases the agents and the money have negative influence.

– Can not compete economically

The difference between Norway's richest club and the richest club in the world increases every year. We do not think that we will experience Rosenberg's long term European adventure in the 90s and 2000s.

– How does Norway deal with this development?

"If you look to a national team, you can not buy or collect the best players in the world, and the Championships show that you can claim smaller countries, thereafter the limelight is an open front, we can not play in good leagues, the opportunities are not small and the lagback continues.

Then he comes with the theory of what to do.

"We can not compete economically and you need to develop as good coaches and move to the best player, the better for the national team, the better for the domestic team, the better for the domestic league, the greater the chance to become the European League or at least the Champions League. .

Logbook Warning

The luggage believes a particular thing can be developed properly.

– Unfortunately, I'd like to miss some important business in clubs and federations, even though it's a precise sighting compared to the great nations. There are many things about commercial and medicine, and there is no high priority for sports.

"I think it's very important for our decision to influence our developers, so we always remember when we run our main business, and we must give priority to everything we do to make as much as possible.

On Friday, the first on the Nations League was to leave the track on "Slovenia".

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