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Lillisterum believes in the difficult Matthew's situation:


Lilistarum has been working intensively to sell its star.

Year (Nettavissen): It has long been a known case that Lilistrum is working on the sale of Nigerian Iff's Matthew in this transition window.

After Sunday's Elite Series win against Majendalen, Lillestra 3A Sport Manager Simon Masfin confirmed that the club has a new player, but the transition is awaited. The reason should be that Lillestrom must get rid of Matthew before the new players are signed.

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– In binoculars we have one player, really more than one. We wait a bit and see how things are going with Matthew, Mesfin told Eurosport during a pause between Lilisterum and Majendalin.

– A "lost case"

Eurosport expert Joasim Johnson believes that Lillestrom has ended up in a situation where he has no choice but to sell Nigerians.

– They just have to try to sell it. It is mentally exhausted in Lilistrom. Trying to get it back on the field is a "lost case." Here's all about selling it and getting the money so they can reinvest. They've tried to sell it before, and they rented it this winter. Then he didn't distribute enough on the loan, Johnson tells Nettavison.

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Unclear situation: Eurosport expert Joasim Johnson believes Lilstrom is in a difficult situation with Efeni Matthews.
Photo: Swin over Acornsweig (NTB Scanpicks)

According to local newspaper Romerix Blade, Lillistrum wants seven million kroner to release Matthew, whose contract is pending.

– He has performed very unevenly. I understand that they have set the price tag and that is what they want. He was not a "hit" anywhere in Turkey, so the question is whether they will get it. That said, they sold Bonk Innocent to Malm. At that price, and Matthew is clearly a better player than him, Johnson told Nettavison.

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Sports manager Mesfin has confirmed that Matthew is very interested, but they have not yet reached an agreement that is happy with all parties.

– In practice we could have sold it to many clubs now, but we want to have some ice in the stomach. Look at the price and finally, the board of LSK must decide on the player's valuation, or whether we keep it out of the year.

– We have plans to sell it. It is a somewhat special situation. We are still in conversation with some Turkish clubs, but this is about the cost of the club and the price we want. At the same time, that player must conform to the sport and its individual terms. It's not over yet, Metfin tells NetVision.

Player Agent Atta NK has reaffirmed that the only thing Matthew wants is to exit Norway.

– The only thing that is not interesting to him is the Norwegian club. It is interesting if there are foreign clubs on the field. In any case, we have not ruled out any clubs in Europe, and told NetVison.

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– We have to sell

LSK leader Mesfin says the situation is not optimal for the club and the club is working hard to get the sale as fast as possible.

– The message I get from the board is that in order to be able to get some resources to bring in someone we have to experience sales.

– Can't you say it sold out by September 1st?

– No, that's hard to say. I'm not sitting on the player or club side's final decision, but we will have board meetings soon to discuss them. We have a strategy for the last few weeks, with the window moving up. I've talked to about twenty clubs in the middle class in Europe. Interested in the player and we can often sell it here, but after that the LSK is called the stop price. And on other occasions, the player has said he will wait for someone else, Mesfin tells Nettavison.

The player himself decides that he is calm about the situation. The 22-year-old will look forward to the next few weeks to see where the future holds.

– I don't know anything right now. Seriously, I'm still waiting. Nothing solid right now, I exercise. Yes, I want to try something else outside of Norway. If something doesn't work out, then we should look at other options, says Matthew Nettavissen

– Can you even live in Lilistrom?

– Yes, I can stay here. That is not a problem for me, concludes Matthew Nettavison.

Lilistrum meets Troms on the runway in the Elite Series, Sunday at 18.00.

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