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Listen Advisor Espen Teigen is a journalist in Netanyas


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Sylvie LizHog's right hand and social media guru known as social media guru Freddie was an economics journalist at NETWORSE.

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"I had the dream of working for a few minutes from the media and now I get the chance, I had a chance to say, of course, there was nothing about KrF or any other party, he wrote on a 24th of a message.

The first was reported by NetAwesome.

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– Humility

Teenan believes that the police and the franchise are struggling to quit.

After eight years of political activity, this will be a major defeat. I want to thank everyone for giving me opportunities, I will always remember, he writes.

– Do you like press corps?

I think journalists benefit from most professional journalists. There is every purpose to do that.

Tejen is expected to use his own financial skill in a new way.

"Most of my creations on the economy were able to understand, but it certainly has a lot to learn, and I will meet with great colleagues from the Neta Rica.

The editorial editor Gunner Stavrag says Tejen is "freaked out" through his paper.

"Espen Teigen showed considerable views on the issues that people are concerned about, and in addition, he will have valuable gold loss in the new autonomy of the Economics Journalist in Naomi," he said.

Journalist Spur and Local Visitor

Her own Facebook profile, Tejen, writes that she has long been "journalistic spur".

«There are eight exciting years in which I moved to Oslo to work with politics. I congratulate those who have given me a lot of opportunities. Since I was in my father's lap when I worked in Stjørdalens Blad, I became a journalist. When I was in the 4th class I founded my own local newspaper called a stockblock. It's sold well. I had the opportunity to become one journalist in one of the country's wealthiest media. "

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