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If you have a metabolism that is a little less then most people will not notice anything. Ralph Jard, an NRK University professor from the Norwegian Arctic University, says that in the second part of the scale, anyone can be completely removed and commotose can be done.

On Monday and Tuesday, he was an expert in the murder case, went to the Sena District Court. The 22-year-old woman was charged with the murder of a 84-year-old woman in Loneck, Troms. So the victim could not recognize the victims after the brutal killing.

Rolf meaning

Caution: Rolf Jard said in court that metabolic diseases can lead to psychiatry.

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After the trial, the prosecutor in the NRK told Hugo Hansten that "this is a violence that is far away than necessary to kill someone."

Most of the victims were abusive when the victims were still alive. Women defender Ulf Hansen said in their closure proceedings that the case is the biggest assassination of the court so far.

When the girl came to the psychiatric hospital after the murder, she was called "extremely low metabolism" in court.

Metabolic disease central

The debt issue before the trial was resolved. It was also clear that the 22-year-old was psychologically when he kills.

Two experts, legal psychiatrist Michael Setasas and Nut Waterloo ruled in court that the likelihood of psychotherapy due to the metabolic disorders diagnosed in 2010 was the highest.

Chief physician Pe Olaw Roorke also testified in court and believed that metabolic disorders helped to stimulate woman's tendency, but other conditions may also be recorded in the history of women's illness.

Extremely rare

Ulf Hansen, lawyer

Responsibilities: Defendant 22-year-old defender, Ulf Hansen, believes that the murder of Lenvi has been brought before Senga Tintrett.

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An explanation in the Court of Professor Rolf Jardes deals with both of his defendants' evaluation, but gives general answers about how metabolic diseases affect people's mental health. This is the last thing that NRK talks with.

On the NRK's ​​questions about low metabolism – alone – can lead to psychological problems and, in extreme outcomes, in psychology, it responds like this:

– The answer is yes, because many mental symptoms return when you receive treatment. In rare cases when psychotherapy develops, it can also be seen that mental illnesses occur when treatment is given.

The Earth emphasizes that it is extremely rare. He has experienced only a few cases of patients with such low metabolism that result in psychotherapy.

– It's rarely now In the earlier days of treating low metabolism, it was significantly more common. Then metabolism was low and low, and finally he died. Many of those who died had serious psychological problems, he says.

Scene, Lanevic killed

Estate: Police blocked the property where 84-year-old Gurun Thompson was found dead. The 21-year-old woman, whose police was waiting for hours due to threats, was found in the scene.

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There was very little metabolism

Lanevic murders took place on November 20 last year – a woman met in court exactly one year ago. She also pointed out the entire trial and explained. He was very impressed and afraid of what had happened. She broke down under the agreement of herself and others and cried:

She said, "If she was not for psychology, I would never have risked anyone."

Before a 22-year-old psychiatrist, he stopped taking the medicine. She asked for alternative therapies. Among other things, she repeatedly went to kill Goodman Thomson of murder.

The accused woman crying in the court said, "She was a very good person."

On her death she was strong in her mentality, and among other things, people in a nearby family with knives were terrible. They called the police, but when the police came to the woman's home, she disappeared.

The accused woman also believes that she really wanted Goodman Thomson to help, but that psychology eventually happened. Among other things, the 84-year-old was a witch.

Strong mental health protection

Two months after the murder, the woman got out of mental illness. Last year, at Tromso, he has been treated at psychiatric hospitals at UNN and he has made a lot of progress. However, the hospital's witnesses can tell that he has associate capacity and is threatening with employees.

Trial proceeding took less than half an hour. Both lawyers, respondent defendants and attorneys counsel agreed that the woman should be sentenced to compulsory mental health care. First of all, actor Hugo Hansten told the NRK to protect the society:

"We explain that social security here indicates that she is under her control and provides treatment in the future.

Eddie Kager, Secretary General of the Substance Change Federation

TUS: Eddie KJAR, Secretary General of the Substance Change Federation.

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UNAN Chief of Olavour Rourick said in the court that he thinks that it takes three to four years before the woman completes the treatment. Then it can be free.

No data

The Metabolism Association does not want to comment on the case, and it justifies the fact that the case refers to the killings in a particular example, namely Lennick.

Secretary General Eddie Kjer said, "Unfortunately, we do not want to comment on this matter in this context."

They do not believe that they usually lead to mental problems or mentality.

Rolf Jord says that the treatment of metabolic diseases is so good today that there is no information about how low metabolic psychosis can be developed.

"Today, most people quickly diagnose and treat very effectively. If you follow the recommended treatment, you will not get mental or other problems.

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