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«Mistress» – about "Wisting" Jørn Lier Horst smelt: – A leader who does not control


Last week, Douglatlet spoke about the recording of the TV 3 and the Violations criminal series "Viving". At least there was a budget production of NOK $ 12 million going beyond the production.

A total of 600 people are recording. According to the company's manufacturing company after the Sinenode series. Last week, many of Dagbladet's associations were critical of how the company had produced the production of "wings", but fear did not dare to fear future jobs.

Famous crime writer John Liver Hobt acquired the rights of William Viving. TV series "Viving" is based on his works, "The Handi Dogs" and "Humumman." Horst has worked as a consultant to make a screenshot of the police officer's importance as much as possible.

He knows about the recording problems that occurred on the way.

"I know that the budget that has been producing and staffing low-cost bouts in Larval has been a budget buster, initially there was a person in the front row, there was no restriction in recording governance," the author said.

Former: George Lyer Hort is behind the books of William Listening. Photo: Anderson Gornenberg / Dagbladet
AUTHOR: John Liver Horst is behind the books of Williaming Wisdom. Photo: Anderson Gornenberg / Dagbladet
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Do not comment on personal issues

Dagbladet is the name of a person's job in this case. The Film Worker has submitted this statement to Horton but does not want to comment. Dagbladet has previously been associated with a company for renting a "Wisting" employee. They say that they are very satisfied with the work that other person has done in other products.

Dagbaldate writes responsibility for Silge Hopper O'Higgon, producer and general manager, Sinanard: "They do not comment on personal matters.

As it was mentioned in Dagbladet Saturday, what happened during the recording work with "Redding":

  • Because of the overwhelming overburden, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars budget budgets, this eventually created unethical and inadequate jobs.
  • The production company does not have the ability to work.
  • The workers understood that the lump sum is not closed.
  • Producer, producer, production manager and photographer are key players.

Sinent's claim is not the cause of the problems, not the climate change, the high passion, the need for a script, illness, and strikes.

– No problem

Money spending when "Vivable" started recording. Sinanard acknowledged Dinabladet as artistic and practical writing and changes.

General Manager Silly Hopland says: "Simplify, pack up, reduce expensive locations, and make huge profits in the budget." Also, the director, producer, photographer and producer manager joined.

Horst is not afraid of how it might have worsened.

"It's clear that such big projects work continuously, but I think that chief director Teggwa will handle Alistair Deisan, I'm not worried about the series, I think it looks good," says Horst.

Weak business economics

In January, Nine has created a drama "Learning", a play called "Ever for Ur Northern" from Nine Film Institute with 50 million in financial funds. In the Cinenord AS's 2017 account, big debts and auditors refer to "unauthorized credit for the shareholders" and "uncertainty regarding subsequent activities".

The commission deficit commission AS 201, which starts construction in 2017, is profitable. However, in 2018 this has been corrected, "said Hopeland Eye Dagbladet:" Our subcarpages, the cyanode kidney and the sinaromard drama, are working unhelpably.

– In 2017, the use of the company's cards in my name will be suspended in 2017 and the 2018 process will be settled in 2018 as a recipe settlement. There is no uncertainty that Sinanard is linked with more activities as a group.

Need to check

The head of the International Relations Department Doug Asjonen, a Norwegian film institute, says that the company does not give 26 million dollars to Zanadeud for a Project account approved by the company.

"If you look at the use of money, a 25% refund will be added to the recording in Norway, if you have the Synod requirements," said Asjorgensen.

Dougladett was associated with Zard Norden Manager Thorded Stand, who did not want to comment on Redding. Viaplay and TV3 and Press Manager Fredrik Olib also do not want to comment on "Wisting" in the inaugural.

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