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Norway seized Berkan Munce Johnson against Slovenia


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Tip replaced the men with the Lamb Larbarch, earning a point.

Slovenia – Norway 1-1

In the Strasbourg stadium in Slovenia, the Norwegian national team in Ljubljana lost one point to 1-1.

Benjamin Verbich scored the Sloveniners in the main round of the first round. It was the goal of Igor Benedictin and his men. A Norwegian tournament demanded a different match in a 85-minute game.

Captain Barcelona of Lorzar Larbaske threw the balls. So Norway gained an important position in the Nations League group.

Prior to the match, Murzan Johnson wanted to copy Netaine to Ganner Solzarer and achieve crucial goals. Norway is finding the scoring faster at the Nations League.

This group had a large range when Bulgaria received a point in Larnaca against Cyprus.

Group C3 leads the National League in the Nation League, even though it is in a draw against Slovenia.

We're happy to finish the match. Boys walked out for 90 minutes and never abandoned them. We got our rightful place, "said Assistant Coach Per Jawar Hansen.

In the first round, he believed that there were a number of situations that could have been in the forefront of the Norwegian tournament, including the performances of Omar ElBedelowy and Tarik Elionosi.

It was nine minutes later that 0-1. It's always hard to get track of international football. It's possible to lose this match in over 60 percent, "Hansen said.

On Monday, the Norwegian Football Team will see Cyprus.

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Mega irregular

The very smooth start between Norway and Slovenia at the Slovenian capital Stokes Stadium. They did not seem to have started their game at the start of the Norwegian or Slovakian semi-finals.

But Norway did not continue when the Slovenians first started. Midfielder Alfred Stuña was hit by spinner Andra Scorrin.

Sigurd Rosett did not participate in this tournament. Benjamin Verby struck the ball. Slovenian national team members did nothing wrong with goals. Rouen Almering Jarreste surpasses.

In the middle of the first round, Nokia did not come to the big hopes of muffled balls. Mohammad Elinozi (19) was the first to win.

Oram Elabdaleauvić suffered a 1-1 defeat at Norway, and was injured by six seriously injured Bellek. The first goal of the Olympics was to leave for Norway.

The ball was then bowled by Olala Kamara. But the Los Angeles Galaxy Tip unexpectedly tried to get out. The ball hit the ball to the goal keeper.

After this situation, many Norwegians asked to cross the ball to record the goal goalkeeper.

Norway had short history of Scotland over the last five. The ball fell halfway through the boats. Unfortunately, Norway and Southampton strikes outside Beelec's goal.

Lille's Larbeke's men failed to advance to Slovenia in the first round. It caused a break in the Slovenian capital.

Coach is the coach of Igor Benedict, when Judge Ruddy Buchwate collapsed after the first 45 minutes.

Mrs Jonessen was a savior

As in the first round, the team could face aggressive attack on the Slovenian grass. Norway came several times, but the keeper did not try Beeck.

In the second round, Slovenians decided to defend their leadership. Norway was trying hard to find a way to protect the wall.

The Larissa Larbeek, Martin Andes Gardner and Jorge Mason Johnson, who tried to create the imbalance for the Slovenian team, decided to play more than half an hour at Staxis Stadium.

In the afternoon, the top left corner of the lake broke down. But the distance from the forehead to the stabak and the molten tip.

MacKay Henrikson was broken down from the left parties across his market. The next delivery was led to the Lord Corner. All non-Norman players also gained the ball.

Odd Gard had two best scores in the short period of Nord. After 71 minutes he was near Norway. Keeper Bealek reached the ball.

Most of the members of Ljubljana were skeptical when Robert Berric athlete was stabbed to the end of Scotland. Unfortunately for Slovenia, the referee has been canceled for the offsite.

When 81 minutes were played, Norway gave him the best chance to put Henriques to the Slovenian box. It was good that the hall was broken, but Beelak got ready again.

To make the ball in a five-minute goal in Ljubljana for the benefit of Ben Bour Merz Johnson for Norway.

Norway will be able to score one against Scotland in the 1-1 against Slovenia's capital. This means everything is in the last game of the Nations League's group game.

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