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Now ready for Norwegian Brazil: Rio's first flight goes on March 31 – Norwegian Air Shuttle – Occupation


With Norway, who announced the closure of the long distance route between London and Singapore, the company announced that they would consider opening a new route towards Brazil.

On Tuesday, confirmation was announced that the company will open a new road between London and Rio de Janeiro with its first departure on March 31, 2019. This route will be operated with four weekly departures.

The route is the first route to Brazil in Norway, but it is the second largest company in South America. In February of this year, they started the London-Buenos Aires route. Then along with Argentina's first domestic flights in October

Now, Norwegian has also announced that they are moving from London to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a long way from daily route to December 3.

When there are domestic routes in Argentina, Norwegian now says that they will fly six domestic routes by the end of the year: from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, Mendoza, Iguazu, Nekkwen, Bariloche and Salta respectively.

Very important for tourism

The new Brazilian route is from London Gatwick, where Norway already has a wide grid with flights to destinations around Europe and the United States.

"Rio de Janeiro has long been a demanded road, we strongly believe, so it is with pleasure that we launch our first route in Brazil. For European travelers we hope to make South America more accessible, and at least, in Europe Brazil does not offer cheap airline tickets, "says Norwegian CEO Barzan Kajos.

"Norway's start-up in Brazil will be very important for tourism in Brazil. Brazilian Minister of Tourism Vincius Lümertz says that a more affordable ticket is required to increase the number of visitors, create new jobs and strengthen the Brazilian economy.

Need their own aircraft as a temporary replacement aircraft

The first flight of Rio has been scheduled for March 31, while the company will leave its last flight from Singapore to London on January 11, leaving the airline's capacity in Norway's road system.

Norwegian finance director Gir Karl in October 24 said that the company wants to use the available aircraft capability to be able to establish the aircraft as "internal rental company". Norwegian struggles with a number of other airlines with Boeing Dreamliner aircraft with Rolls-Royce Engines.

Problems enter rolls-Royce and exchange and repair the engine, which means that the aircraft must be taken out of traffic periodically.

So far, Norway had to solve it using other leased aircraft from other players, but the company chose to use its Dreamliner. Thus, passengers will have similar experience on the board, while Norwegian may be related to the same type of aircraft they use.

When the company presented results in the third quarter of October, they said that they lost $ 1 billion on engine problems due to the compensation given by Rolls-Royce.

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