Wednesday , June 23 2021

Nursing Associate of NHO's Lockout: – Dramatic

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On October 25, the nursing Strike began. Hotels, respiratory centers, street hospitals, rehabilitation centers are affected.

The employer's response to the strike weapon is locked out, but it is rarely used.

In practice, the Nursing Federation has shut down 500 nurses in a notified 65 companies.

Nursing Association and Medical Association strongly respond.

"Lockout is critical for patients, relatives and employees, but some of the companies we knew we're going to end do not charge for everyone," CEO NHO Service and Trade, An-Scythi KaltenBurn.

"Other companies in this industry want to be in a coma with those who strive," says Kaltenburg.

NHO: Bankruptcy is more dangerous

She believes that the NHL has gone a long way off to find a solution that suggests that the strike took place for three weeks and that many of the seven companies that had previously been infected are bullies.

– Nurses need 2.8 percent of the previous issues. Do not dare to answer the lockout?

"We apologize to employees, relatives and patients, but they know that we can not afford to pay for their use of lockout.

– Average salaries on our health institutions are higher than municipalities. Nevertheless, the NSF has stated that its generalization and tariffs are a necessary necessity.

Nursing: – Can not walk from the affected people with severe illness

The Norwegian Nursing Association strongly responds to the lockout.

"This is the first time an employee is going to be able to lock out the health sector," says Federal Leader Eli Kunhild in the Norwegian Nursing Association (NSF).

They have excluded 56 of 500 nurses from the NSF and the NSO and the Service Trade.

– Lockout means that you should lock the door and shut down. Nurses can not walk from severely ill patients. We have a clear responsibility on the health care law that says we can not go from nursing patients ".

"This requirement depends on the balance of the society

– what are you doing now

"They do so in such a way that it is very serious and we do not demand a moderate minimum wage with other parts of the public sector, but our demands remain in the reach of the rest of the society, with a 2.8 per cent framework.

The nurses who work in the private sector want NHS to make decisions as nurses.

– Do you expect to hit the government payers right now?

"Decisions are to be made by health authorities and we expect to find a solution, and we've always done it," says Carlton, of the NHA.

The minister will not solve the problem

Labor and Social Affairs Minister Ankin Hegli (H) said the government would be able to intervene in a compulsory salary committee.

It is believed that this conflict is seriously affecting the health sector but emphasizes that it is responsible parties to resolve it.

"I think parties can do their best to find solutions, and the authorities usually follow the confrontation, and Hughly writes in an e-mail to the Afghan Pope.

Hughliga is professionally responsible for assessing the consequences of the fight for patients and users who are known as the Norwegian Board of Health.

The government decides in the compulsory salary committee

It will take four days from the lockout notification until the door closes. The government has to decide whether or not to intervene in riots.

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