Monday , August 2 2021

Oil is invested in Norge's bank

Statistics Norway announced that the oil companies on Norway Continental Shelf expect this year's NOK $ 155.6 billion investment.

In the earlier period, the NOK was below $ 156.3 billion.

In the previous year, compared to Encore 165.1 billion, investment in the coming year would be $ 175.3 billion.

– In a loneliness, census points to an increase in investment of 3.0% this year and towards investment of 21.4% next year. But at the moment it is a bit difficult to interpret the investment position as the PUD (the plan for acquisition and management), was delivered to John Saverdrip 1 in December last year, while PUD was given to John Saverdorp 2 in August, Chief Economist Hanker in a comment in Frank Julham, Dancet Bank Norway No access has been given.

– At the top end

If we fix this for this, the calculated calculation points to growth at 13.0 percent in 2019. Direct comparison of estimates for 2018 and 2019, as they are currently standing, suggesting growth of 12.7 percent.

"So it is relatively safe to say that today's figures are slightly higher than expected for growth of 10-12% in 2019, and remember that the Norge's bank was 10.8% in the monetary policy report in September, that is, next year the main land indicates 0.5% point contribution in GDP , Which will ensure growth on the trend and will support the rise of two interest rates in 2019, the value of the chief economist.

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