Thursday , July 29 2021

Oppland Workers Magazine – Bryith Stain Bleep and Jamie Everson's Parents

(Bergenvesvien) became husband and wife after two days of giving a yes to each other and in May this year, the couple told them they expect children.

On Saturday, Stean Blip published a picture of his newborn daughter on Instagram.

– Welcome, lovely, beautiful daughter. Never been proud of my life. When I saw Jummina fighting for the 17-hour ride, I was never so impressed with the human being. Ever never been happy or did not cry. People, I'm gone! "He writes

Would she have burgens?

When Staun Blip announced her pregnancy in May, the question was in one of her results:

"How can you shove a child?"

On the black lips:

«By systematic training and contact. From the ear to the age of six, John Agam, Tor Andreas, Bad Van, Lars Wyler and Razka will be there. "

In recent times, he has published an image where he writes that he "coffer day da?" An excerpt from the book is reading, with words and expressions from Bergen, her daughter every day in her stomach.

"… hope that he will learn the most beautiful dialect on earth," he wrote.

COHBITERS from 2013

Stian and Jamie met each other with common friends and became comrades in 2013.

For a picture containing both the Roses of the Roses and the Lightning Cluster, Stain Bleep is sitting in front of her Gemini Iveson and the short text "Han … SA … JAAA !!!" In October last year it was announced that he should marry himself.

Marriage was held this year in Hamkir in Domkikodenan, in which about 100 guests were present.

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