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Organic Boar Farmer: – We can now sell three more pigs – business


On Wednesday, the documentary "The Mysteries of the Pig Industry" was first shown by NRK Brenpunk's documentary on Wednesday. The pig attracted much attention and attention to the pig industry.

For the farmer Tor Jardar Virgins, at the Virgins Guard, the documentary people make different attention than others. He has never experienced similar development in demand before.

– Mail and mobile phones have already started happening in the evening. We already received the waiting list for the Christmas Greeting to St. Hans. It has never happened.

Now we can easily sell three times pigs. Vergenson says, people really want what they want.

Let's become a pig pig

Virgins Guard produces about 150 pigs in a year. In addition to the production of pork, the farm also cultivates cattle, poultry and vegetables.

Knock 4 million turnover last year happened. The sale goes directly through the new and so-called REKO rings without intermediaries, which is a direct distribution channel for food products. They sell mostly in Oslo, Sandwicus and Westfold with Larwick.

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In Virgins Farms, the pigs want as much as they want every year. According to Wergenice, Piglet is usually doubled with his mother.

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In Virgins Farms, the pigs want as much as they want every year. According to Wergenice, Piglet is usually doubled with his mother.

Vergenson says that "Awakening year after year is increasing, but now the customer is really conscious."

In Virgins Farms, there are pig houses and they get out of the year round as much as they want. These piglets are not neutered and children can go with a longer period of time than traditional solutions. Pigs are freed from grass, vegetables, roots and fodder soya.

We let the pork be a pig. It can quickly become a little assembly line and industry. Maybe it should be a little down, asks virgins.

Now the farmer has a clear target for next year:

– We'll double the production.

Grøstad Gris also noted increased demand

Grost Farm is also known for its good treatment of pork. They can also report large increments in demand.

People wonder where to get our products from. General Manager Trude Viola Antonensen in Grostast Greece tells E24 that many inquiries have been made about how we work and people are very curious.

She can tell that the order for this week from ASKO has increased 50% after showing the NRK documentary.

Antonons is happy that he has reported an increase in demand, she says she does not know the pig industry from a documentary:

– We were shocked at what we saw at the brenpact. She says, these farmers must leave.

Bioconomist: Awareness will open for more variations

Ever Peterson, Senior Advisor of the Norwegian Institute of Bioenginem (NIBIOS) says that meat production awareness can increase for more difference in manufacturers. According to him, he can affect the sale of cooperatives.

– I think standard is generally good, but without considering the standards of co-operatives, these types of documents on deviation will give rise to awareness. Peterson says, cooperative teams stand up for the average.

It may be that this awareness can open a room in the products profile in new ways. Paterson says it can be open for more local production.

Food history becomes more important

Senior counsel stresses that it is associated with food story.

– Reliable narrative for food becomes more important, and then comes proximity and place. Peterson says that this has increased for such an event.

Although increased awareness may be open for more local production and variation, Peterson does not believe anything has changed in the documentary, especially in the general trend towards the meat industry in the last week.

– Basic changes need more. Then this long-term trend may be more important for long-term use for more racism and animal behavior, Paterson says.

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