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– Prepare for some horrifying moments – Miller broke up in 1987. Now he warns about the awesome moment


( / Dagbladet): – From a market perspective, it will be very interesting. The markets may have very dangerous moments.

These words belong to the American billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. He is the manager of the Tudor Investment Hedge Fund, which is $ 7 billion or $ 59 billion.

He was speaking at the Greenwich Economic Forum in Connecticut on Thursday. MarketWatch writes that bonds and shares will be banned.

Watch the warning lights flashing

There are all the reasons that Jones says:

It is known that billionaire forecasts known in advance the macroeconomic events. In 1987, after the MarketWatch he predicted the stock market crack, he made the greatest money.

In one day, the Dow Jones index slid by 23 percent, the biggest stock market so far in the index.

Now he again warns us.

"It's a very difficult time for policy makers, Jones says Global Debtors related to Gross Domestic Product will be in the new era.

– risk

Supported by Sparbank 1 Market's chief economist Harald Magnus Andrassan.

"He thinks there is risk and risk more than years have come," Adridon told the dagblate.

It does not look strange even though there has been a decline in unemployment and unemployment in the economy for ten years since the 1980s.

"And the stock price will rise," Anderson says.

In charge of: "I think there is risk and risk for years," says chief economist Harold Magnus Andersen in Sparebank 1 Market. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix
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However, he wants to put this image:

"We will see more signs that the stock market will be worse than before.

Despite the fact that Norway, Sweden, Canada and Australia, is an exceptional case for homeowners who still remain in the global economy.

The trade wars started by President Trump move in the negative direction.

"It's not destructive today, it creates uncertainty," Andersen says.

– Coming in two years

He believes that in the long-term, international stock falls on stock exchanges, and Oslo borax.

"When we receive a global setback, the Oslo Stock Exchange is always exposed," Andersen said.

However, he does not think this spine is perfect, but wondering if it does not happen in two years.

"Oslo Bohr is expensive, but much of the cost is more expensive before it gets cheaper," Anderson says.

If you have a stock folder now, that's less than 50 percent.

– How does it look that man on the street?

– Take your share fund and divide it into two parts. But in the global economy, it must be a burden to get a lag in today's standard, "says Harald Magnus Andersen.

Fear of fear

Pen Poder Jones faces difficulties because of the high interest rates and the trump operator's tax cuts, and his stress-test portfolio.

Tumor said on Thursday in the Greenwich Economic Forum that trumpet tax cuts would have adverse impacts on the long run until last year.

He hoped the market would increase. It was again forced to increase the rate of central bank policy.

Jones said tax cuts and economic activity would lead to a boost in interest rates on federal loans.

Tax relief was promised before interest rates began to rise. The trap said. The interest rate was zero. Would we have such a tax code if we knew we would be interested? Jones continued.

American Central Bank has raised interest rates three times this year. This is expected to rise before the end of the year. Increasing the interest rate for a short time can make investors worry. Because companies spend more money on money, as well as finance collection and expenditure.

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