Monday , August 2 2021

Self-powered cars patented 20 times more than other technologies

The number of European patent applications related to autonomous driving has been 20 times faster than other patenting techniques.

Over the last ten years, approximately 18,000 patent applications related to automated technology have been delivered to the EPO system. In this technical field only 4000 patent applications were issued in 2017.

This has been impacted by a recent report by the European Patent Office (EPO).

From 2011 to 2017, the number of petro applications in the Petro application, which has been applied to self-propelled technology, has increased by 330%. Comparatively, the number of patent applications in general has increased by 16% in the same period.

– Can read what's coming

Thor Mosk, leads to Norway's largest IP consulting companies, Zakoni. They are not surprised because of the huge growth in patent technology for self-managed cars.

"Patent Literature is the world's largest technical information store, you can read what he says and do, he says.

"Patent and patent apps are the signs of what it is and what can be important," she explains.

However, according to Mosaic, how long it takes before taking into account the success of this sector, it is worse to make a decision by patenting.

New competitors

The EPO believes that the oil industry is now starting to struggle to get the engineers again

The institute says that among the 25 most active players patented by self-propelled technology, half of the outside of the traditional automotive industry.

The list of traditional car makers and their suppliers is not topped by the list, which has given the most patent applications in this technical field. At the top of the list we find Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm. In the first 5th place we find a car industry supplier Bosch.

Mosaic told the technical week, "What is special about that traditional car makers get companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft as competitors."

"As a car maker, it will not stay for you to monitor what your competitors are doing, you should monitor everyone and have to fit more than ever," he says.

"There are minions of exclusions that you have to check before putting new technology in the market, and you have to do it yourself if you do not want to own patents," he says.

Most of Germany's apps

The EPO writes that patent applications are published many times before the market comes, this information gives them a unique understanding of the disintegration technologies that will soon change our economy.

"Patents are delivered before the products are delivered on the market, so patents can provide a unique direction in the direction of information technology and which companies and countries in the management are, EPO President Antonio Campino has said in a message.

It adds that the study shows that Europe is in good condition in key technologies associated with self-managed cars. Most patent applications come from Germany.

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