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Smaalenenes Avis – This should know if you are going to sleep in tag lists


Tax search will start on 07.00 Wednesday after the first tax slip in ringx blade.

You can apply here in tax administrators, but the service is now closed, and will open in the morning on Wednesday.

Tax rates do not show real wage or market value, but the dividend (regular income) after the dividend, but there will be no tax revenue before the special discount or assets.

Please note that the numbers are not necessarily final. For example, a complaint about the number can change the number of digits.

New rules you like snacks

Tax laws are a set of new rules for many people seeking a scrutiny in 2014. All searches are logged and you can check who applied for you.

Once you have entered the Tax Listings in, your name, birth year, zip code, and postal address will be visible to everyone you've applied.

You have to apply for tax lists for 16 years.

Searching your information and updating your information is updated within an hour. You can view tax list information up to 500 people in a calendar month. There is a difference between searches and impressions.

When you search for someone you'll get a hit list of people who match your search information.

If you click on a person to view tax information, it is treated as a viewpoint,

If you click on a name, if you do not get anything, you've used your 500 impressions. You can still search, but tax information is not displayed. Number of views will reset in the first month of the month. When you have 50 or fewer views, it will be notified on the screen.

As the tab below shows, "Search Statistics" tab is the one you have searched for for your search query.

We only touch a bit less than before

Tax authorities have informed in advance about disclosing information about the assets and income of others.

"The number of searches decreased by one tenth, and the number of applicants was cut almost half and people are not interested in checking who looked at their tax rate," said Communications Director Marikwan Hollerr, before publishing in 2016.

Long search is not a search

Starting in 2011, Starging decided that online stores will no longer be able to issue tax returns. However, this is still permitted for journalism based on searches in newspapers.

To avoid commercial use of information, this is included in other matters. As long as the media automatically removes the information, you will see tax lists in online newspapers from previous years. The benefits of these lists will become old.

Who among the taxables?

Tax list includes information on tax settlement and personal taxpayers. "Impersonation tax employees" means limited companies, writes.

It is not possible to keep yourself from standing on the tax list. It applies to tax lists and tax lists issued to newspapers and tax lists.

Tax of Individual Tax Payers Taxes Does not contain:

  • Information about people with blocked address (provided under the Public Registration Act)
  • Information about the persons contained in the information can refer to a client relationship
  • 17 years of age or older persons information at the beginning of the income year for persons with permanent unlisted statements of deceased individuals

Change the taxpayer municipal information

Taxpayers were listed before a municipality in the tax collector. Some people are municipalities this year. This is because of the tax migranting of more municipalities per person in the income year.

These municipalities are tax deductible for this year, which includes capitalist taxpayers.

Tax payers are not taxable for one year for tax settlement. This list is usually updated four times per year.

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