Monday , August 2 2021

Stain blip has become father

Synvived Program Manager has become a father for the first time.

The news on Saturday night's own Instagram profile was announced on Saturday night.

"Welcome, lovely, lovely daughter. When I saw Jummina fighting for 17 hours, I have never been so impressed with human beings that I have never been so happy that I do not cry. People, I went! ❤," he writes.

The word was actually in mid-November, which means that the little girl reached after some time after anticipated.

Podcast about pregnancy

We have closely followed Iverson's pregnancy.

Along with Samantha Scorgand, she has created a podcast "Baby Boom", which talks about the positive and negative aspects of pregnancy.

"I looked at my friends and thought," Lord, how wonderful is it in the pregnant body? "But I was not happy with my body. 30-year-old says, for me, I was not satisfied and comfortable with my body around the seventh month
In the recent episode.


On May 19, in fact, Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel were married the same day, Bleep and Evans were thrown in the hymns of hymns.

Just two days after the marriage, Blip shouted that she would become a father.

Snail will be wary of sharing many child pictures of social media, but some photos might be there.

"It's hard to share your child's photos, you're very proud and enjoying." Excluding a child from pictures can be a bit weird, it would be a tough balance. If it's an advertisement or similar,
So I think I crossed the limit, he told TV2 in August.

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