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Stan Lee , Marvel – The cartoonist Stan Lee died


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The cartoon legend Stan Lee has passed away. 95 years old. In the Marvel Universe many leading figures made this series popular.

Los Angeles (NETVISISIN / NTB): The daughter confirms death for TMS. He was 95 years old.

An ambulance lass at the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles was rushed to the hospital. Several cases have been reported in the past year. Also, there is a risk of pneumonia.

News Image in the US is news about Les Abbas, now close to the California coast.

In the social media it flows with the blessings, and the readers will be thankful to read and read.

Stan Lee was an American cartoonist, screenwriter and former editor of Marvel Comic. He is known as the face of American cartoon culture.

Marvel Entrepreneur

Lee Stanley was born in 1922 in New York. In 1961 he was a Fantasy For Series, hosted by Mavervel, Jack Kirby, and The Norwegian for The Great Four. Subsequently, in the popular culture, it acquired skill through comics and later in films.

In January 1976, Stan Lee and comic artist John Roteta. (AP Photo / File)

Photo: AP / NTB scanpixes

He shares many awards with Kirby and Steve Ditco. He is known for many famous characters including Spidman, Hunken, Dr. Woolworth, The Fantasy Four, and X Men.

"It was probably the most important," said Stur Hezerford, president of the Swedish Academy of the Arts.

Marwel's most famous series of writers and later publishers of the company found Lee as architect behind the modern comic book.

He resurrected the 60s as a model for younger actors, such as novel stories, more persona conversations, satire, science fiction, and philosophy.

Stan Lee was also producing during the premiere of Spin Man 2. Photo: Matt Sails / AP / NTB Scanpix

He gave millions of readers a surprisingly awesome mixture of reality and imagination. The new film success in this series continued.


Se series of the series was considered a work of art. He was very productive, as a series writer. He introduces ideas for series magazines every ten years.

– I've written many, and I do not have a review. I have written hundreds or thousands, "he said in an interview with AP in 2006.

Lease hit different characters because of the characters that are different from those other characters, like Marvel's rival DC Comics, Superman.

Four marvelous battle against each other. Spider-Man, Peter Parker's replacement Spider-Man is the reason for his love, money, and darling. Silver Surfer is a happy, colorful life on earth. Irish man was subjected to heart problems.

BASIC: Stan Lee In 1961, Marvel started his partner with his partner.

PHOTO: Pa Photos / Onconnecter / NTB Scanpix

It is known from movies

Peter Parker made clear about the lonely study in the International, Peter Parker, who wrote about ABC News.

Lee is often seen as small talents in Maeel's films, which is why he is familiar with the fans.

Bob Eger, owner of Marvel's Walt Disney Company, said, "The heart is only bigger than his imagination.

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