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– I'm so sorry that he was like that. I think it's unfair and there should not be a yellow card, so I hope we can do something about it because I want to play it in the semi-finals, "said Fergino Rolphan after the 2-0 victory over the NRK Sweden. .

For the first time in 24 years and eleven attempts to beat Germany in the Championship for the first time, she must be crying for joy after being very involved in Sweden.

Rather, Rolfo is a crying donkey who meets NRK after the match. After getting the fifth yellow card in the championship, she should stand against the semi-finals against the Netherlands.

In the 56th minute, Rolofon got a yellow card after a duel with Leena Magul, who scored a German goal.

– I think I have control of the ball, so that situation happens where the ball is far away from me, and we both are there, but I think I'm against it. I do not know quite, but I have the ball, it comes in the situation and settles.

Are you going to post a protest on a yellow card?

– We'll see how we are moving forward with this, but I think it's unfair, Rolf says.

– I hope the team can do everything to get into the final, so I can feel the final, she says.

– The biggest I experienced

After the match, Stena Blackstein's was in a very good mood than Ronafo.

When she returned to the net store for three minutes in the last part of the German goalkeeper, Almouth Schult, she became the winner of the match.

– Since being in the World Cup semi-final, I have had the biggest experience ever. Blackstenius says NRK, it involves many feelings.

I always had strong faith in this team and I had a good feeling before the match, so I really felt that it is possible to defeat Germany today. She feels settled here after, she says.

Blackstone's was also crucial in the eighth-final against Canada. Then he scored the only goal of the match.

– Score again is a lot better, and it's good for my self-confidence.

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Olympics ready

Good left-arm spinner played for 16 minutes when Lee played with Megule. She caught the ball and herself before Hevig Lindhall passed it

Six minutes later Sophia gave Jacobson a return. Marina Haggering guessed Swedish clearance and thus was caused by Jacobusson.

She aimed the longest angle, and got the ball behind the Shultte.

Sweden is very happy after having scored 2-1 in Germany

Jabaler: Swedish bliss after Stella Blackstone's putting a crucial goal.

Photo: David Vincent / AP

A three-minute decision was made in the third part.

Sweden attacked on the right, where Jakobson hit the ball in the back post.

Freedoli's Rollofo returned to the same corner, which came from it. Alamuth could save the school, but the returned Blackstone's was targeted.

In the semi-finals, they met the Netherlands, who won 2-0 against Italy on Saturday.

Sweden is also qualified for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2020.

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