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Switzerland, where spinning vote against Belgium

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Switzerland – Belgium 5-2

Belgium ran 2-0 ahead of Switzerland. Swiss wrested Belgium in the backfired backlash against the National League, but did not survive until 5-2.

In the final, Luzern hosted the final, losing only to Belgium 31 in the final semi-finals. This is the semi-final against France in the World Cup this year. The first number in the FIFA rank was to save the owner of a group, but Switzerland ranged from 0-2 to 5-2 in an unforgettable fashion.

Thus, Group 2 won the Stuart Division of A Division in the National League. Their goal is to move to semi-finals in June next year.


The first scoring of the match came after 66 seconds. Swiss crossover Niko Lve lost a crossover at the 16 meters meter. The Thorgan Hazard hit the ball.

Belgium bowled right into the quarterfinals, and in the opposite direction, Boris Manchenglabbach hit the ball. He was inducted in 16 guards by the gladiator colleagues Lovdie and Keeper Yon Sommer at the longest angle.

With the score 2-0, the Belgians showed excellent performances. But after 25 minutes it will play another way. Ricardo Rodriguez led the first goal by Tilwat Cortes who scored the first goal.

Selling Lviv

After 39 minutes the indigenous peas were received. Rodriguez lost to Liverpool player Sherdan Shakhri. To Harris Seferovik. Benfica attacker easily balances the balance.

Looking back at a couple of minutes before the break. Edmilson Fernandes got the ball in the right, 45 degrees Seifirovik, the ball in the longest angle. It has a record of 16th national team from 59 matches.

Switzerland earned more blood by switzerland. Belgium wants to descend from the table above. 61 minutes later, Sheikhi stood from the right and left. This was 0 – 1, under Elwe. It was 4-2.

Serpovci's official victory was five minutes at the last minute. The scoreline was 5-2. She won the first hat in the national team's shirt.

Goal moved from Iceland to Group B to points up the points by gaining zero points by scoring zero points.

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