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Tenrell Stephens – This was joking after. Now he answers


When American singer Tenrell Stephens (24) appeared in patterned designs during the Bet Awards this week, many fashion experts responded to the choice of her 24-year-old actress.

«It seems quite effective"Glamor magazine quoted others.

Women's Woman: Tenrell Stephens encouraged women to adapt their own bodies - those parts they are not happy with. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Women on Women: Tenrell Stephens encourages women to adopt their own body – those parts which they are not happy about. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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However, the cut-out dress does not fall in everyone's taste.

According to a number of media, including Australian News and Yahoo Lifestyle, Tennell found a tsunami wave of disgusting social media comments and comments.

Breast Lift

Critics believed mainly that at the age of 24, there is "breasts of hanging" and she should "consider the breast lift".

Singer can not find it

In one post Twitter In an answer praised by his followers, the 24-year-old has opted out.

– For all the negative comments about today's costume, I do not have to take a breast lift to go to a dress dress. I am a woman and my natural breast stops, which I like. There is no desire to change my appearance to please me. (…) Focus on more important things, writes Tenerl.

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Rated tape

In a post on Instagram, a 24-year-old said that he originally took her to the breast tape under the dress, but she chose to leave.

– I paid attention to the result and made conscious choice not to use the tape, because I feel like my natural breast.

The singer further explains that she is passionate about women influenced by the tremendous pressure of beauty from the external channels.

– You are responsible for it for yourself, at least trying to adopt your own parts or not satisfied with what you said something else. Your body, no matter how it looks, makes every day to keep your life alive and can all love and care. Hey tits! Small tits, big tits, fake tits, no tits, all tits! And hey be a woman!

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