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The head of Johanna's comeback said: "She is very happy now


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Beethoven Ø Lenin: They were joking on Friday in the opening class of the Boston Platinum classical style. On Sunday, they gained Ingvild Flugstad Ostberg for a speed of 10 kilos in 26 seconds.

"When you think about when Teres went through and how it handled it, I'm so impressed with the good things around her and she has given good skiing," Coach All Morton Ewensen of the national team said.

Johann Superb at BetiStellens: – A Power Action

Impressions should be burned

Coach said that he was released from Yaouou. She died long after 18 months of dying after her death.

"It is very interesting. That's good. At the same time, I celavalikkentatunt dahanaprakriyayil in the next few days. Back in a couple of years, you'll know in a moment what ninnalkkariyumenn a week on the weekend, ready to come back again. The last time I kalppiccuvennat result in the same level. The training times and all the struggles against me, A good sure, "said jeaheg mbandhiccitattealam.

I think she needed it.

"I have walked over the last few days, excitedly, and I did it.

Last winter is considered post – Røthe is the winner again: – That is a little touch

Ready for responses

Norwegian is back. This weekend when the World Cup opened in Finnish Kyzomo, the comeback is international.

Jogoug has been prepared for responses. There are many who criticized JoHu in Finland in 2016.

– I got a lot of support from Pärmäkoski (Kerttu) Nisanan (Krista) in my case. I know people who are negative. But they must be allowed. There are different perspectives, we should respect that. Then I will take care of my people and all around me. I'm ready.

– How are you prepared for that?

– I've seen a poster a few years ago. But let's see how it works. I'll listen to myself and put it on the trail.

Do not be afraid of the new yellow card

On Friday, two duck deckers recovered by 10 million dollars. The same job in Finland is unfair.

But she is not worried.

"The yellow color is difficult to bring, but it's true that when I walked in the first round, I was not my head, and they often jumped on the top lock, if I got a yellow cards and got the disc, I would live with it.

Johann was rewarded again. Now waiting for the world's favorite. There is little to think about.

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