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The Henning Berg series called the "co-co" series. That's how football responded.


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On Sunday Sunday, the Swedish Premier League will have to downplay a number of teams, Staback, Start, Lism Rrom, Stromscordate, Bodo / Glimt to keep the fibers within a few weeks. The national series in the second season of the season last season. The 30th round will not play before November 24.

Many players of Stabb coach Hening Berg are at the eligibility of playing for the under-age national teams.

"We play next to Strømsgodset in a very important match and we will see how many of us will play after joining the national team," he said, adding that only Norway could break the national team and go on the league to play players 14 days ago, but that way, "said Burgs Eurosport, After winning Sunday night's victory .

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He can not say whether it was too bad

Stabek is currently in direct revelation. It's just one point for a safe place – to Strømsgodset before the last round of rounds.

Thus Stabæk and Strømsgodset meet in the right competition. Berg is happy to wait.

– Timing is not good. When you fight to retain any league in the world, the national brake before the last series? The whole sport is "co-co".

We talked with Eurosport expert Bent Ericsson. It seems to be a strange burger to come up with such comments.

"I do not think the layout is perfect, and when he told me to be a stub coach, Henning Berg did not say anything about him (in July, you're obviously stupid to complain about it), and if that's fine, it does not remember Thebeck," says Ericsson.

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Previous skid coach believes Berg reacted to where Stake was on the table.

"You have a bad tendency to make rules on the Route, and this set-up is complete and I do not think that Henning Berg is a complainant.

The following year will be different

He is the managing director of Life Overland Norsk Toptotball. He thinks Berg is so big. He believes that the Stebeck coach is challenging.

"After an international age, it will be a decisive battle and challenging four or five such challenges in a challenge, which are challenging for these clubs.

Overland says it will be different in the future.

"The club agrees why it has been introduced for the next four years, and the club agrees to miss two international matches after the first edition of the tournament in November, and next year they are playing in the national team.

Niels Fiscetzone, national football champion, agrees with Berg to suggest that the time for the national team's break could improve.

"There will be no compromise between those who want to end in early morning and those who wish to get over," Fiscetzon tells the busiest.

Henning Berg did not respond to the inquiry on Monday.

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