Monday , May 29 2023

The historical fishing in Jan Mayen


Jan Mayen was saved by a fisherman in a press release of Fishcube, the organization of fisheries workers.

Loran Ålesund will get 300 tonnes of spark and 70 tonnes of blue water. Look up to 12 million.

After the fish was found in a trial in July, the Shipping Company conducted an inspection at the Institute of Marine Research.

These maps will indicate if the code in the jan-maye is its own stock, or an icanic / greenland stock or the Barrens Sea life.

If the fish becomes Icelandino Greenlandic, it will continue to be in Jan Mayen, and Norway will have the right to share the stock offshore.

There is a fishing boat in the discussion of the Fisheries Fisheries Ministry and the Institute of Marine Research at the Fishing of the ship in Jan Mayen.

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