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The organizer works to prevent Che's playing in the World Cup


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London: Fijano Quinas and Magnus Carlsen have reached 10 minutes before the start of the World Championships. They enter a room. There they check a handheld scanner.

In the Chess World Cup, the organizer has taken widespread action against cheating.

"There is no doubt about the players in this championship," said Pierterton, UK director Rory Lamrock, who is in charge of preventing him from playing in the World Cup.

What are the methods of stealing?

A glass wall is separated for players and audiences. Audience can be seen by the viewers, but not the opposite. In addition, Calzan and Karvana do not hear the audience.

Glass wall to prevent fraud is an activity. Chess computers check and give players a hint.

Rory Larrock says that action against "deception" includes "physical and technological measures" and investigations. He catches three major eggs:

1. Scanning for electronic devices

Before the party, the players are checked in a handheld scanner.

"We're not upsetting players," says Lamok.

In addition, the game area scans for electronic devices.

2. Mobiles in plastic bags

Before entering the game room here in London, the guards will ask you one thing: "Is your cellphone put on a plastic bar?" It is also known as the security company Pinkerten.

– All of the audience must have their mobile in a plastic bag. You must close the bag, do not use the phone. Larrock said it aims to help the players to make sounds and electronic signals.

3. Lee detector test

Yes, you read it correctly. Let's go through a group of lie testing in the game room. After we realize, this is a new level of chess in the world.

– We will use it after approval from FIDE and World Chess because it was not used in testing yet. We have the opportunity to do this, wait for the order, "said Lamok.

The organizer suggests that players can not connect to a lie test. Instead, the world chess describes an entirely different scene in a press release: "If a complaint has been filed against a player and suspects that the preparations for the World Cup have been leaked to another team, the second question has the right to call it" for a lie. "

Experts depend entirely on the World Cup players

Mike Clay and Ian Rogers are working for and Lays.Class respectively. As the chess player, when we address a fraudulent topic, they become active. But both of them do not think that Karlsen and Karvana will cheat.

The top 10 players in the world do not answer their positions. I have no doubt that using the phones or electronic devices will top 10 players. "Before Rogers's shooting, CLEAN says:

– In fact, they have bigger ones. They are high and they want to beat other people.

But Rogers, Klein, etc. are oppressive. Royals explains: How well the players are,

"If you know that you have not beat an honest player, it's more tempting to cheat you Why are you cheating you and that you are going to play?

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